Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Welcome Back To School!
      It looks like we have a  great class this year!  I'm excited to get to know each and every student!
We have been working on a lot of class activities that will help us get to know each other! 4th Grade ROCKS! They are all "Of fish ally" Reynolds' Rockin' Raptors! 
     We started out with: Welcome Back To School Booklet, Wacky Introductions,  Oil Pastel Art, Bio Poems, Life Cycles,  Utah Song, Dinosaur Poem, Interdependence Rap, Water Balloon Toss, Pangea, or Land Before Time, and Dinosaur Timelines!
     Read "Chrysanthemum", Investigated our names, graphed our names, wrote information about our Birthdays, Experimented with an Ice Globe, Did M&M Math,  Estimated how many Dinosaur Eggs were in the jar,  Celebrated Dylan's Birthday, Cracked The Code, Did a People Hunt,  All About Me This Summer!

August 22, Happy Birthday Dylan!!
August 27, Happy Birthday Claire!!
September 1, Happy Birthday Lucy P. !!
September 4. Happy Labor Day! No School!
September 20, Happy Birthday Ryder!!

Tuesday, August 22,  Chapter 1 & 1.1 Place Value
Wednesday, August 23,  1.2 Read and Write Numbers
Thursday, August 24 1.3 Compare and Order Numbers.
Friday, August 25 1.4 Round Numbers
Monday, August 28 Mid-Chapter Checkpoint & 1.5 Rename Numbers
Tuesday, August 29 1.6 Add Whole Numbers
Wednesday, August 30 1.7 Subtract Whole Numbers
Thursday, August 31 1.8 Problem Solving * Comparison Problems with addition and Subtraction
Friday, September 1 Chapter 1 Review/Test 

Math Homework: 
There will be NO Gomath Homework!  The District has asked us not to send home Gomath homework, as it frustrates parents!!  I will be sending home Times Tables Charts to be filled out be each student every noght and returned to school each day!

CKLA:  Unit 1 Personal Narratives Childhood Memories! Daily Language Activities!

Science:  Land Before Time/ Changes of The Earth/ Volcanos/ Dinosaurs!

Social Studies:  Utah! This is The Place!

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