Friday, May 12, 2017

Reynolds' Rockin' Raptor's News!! May 12, 2017

Hello Everyone!

Here are pictures of our Battle of The Books Teams!
The Nifty Nerds!! Denym, Shelby, Lilianna, Shaylee, and Sadie!

The Nerdy Readers!  Nicky, Addison P. Morgan, Jordan, and Tate!

The Banana Bookmarks!!  Hannah, Kelsi, Tyler, Miles, and Dax!

The Red Readers! Luke, Berkley, Jena, and Ayden!

The Cheesy Readers! Gwen, Jackson, Luke, Colin, and Josten!

Reynold's Raptor's Reading Pack!!  Dylan, Isabelle, Megan, and Shaun!
 We didn't win the Battle, but we had the cutest dress-ups and most creative Posters!!
Thank you for coming to our 4th grade Program!!  Our kids Rocked it!!!!

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