Thursday, May 25, 2017

Reynolds' Raptor's News May 17, 2017

Hello Everyone!!
The Color Run was a great success!!! Students collected $10,000, different businesses around town donated $12,000, and the PTA threw in another $10,000!!!  A total of $32,000 towards Google Chrome Books for our school!!!  Yay!!!  Thank you to everyone who participated!!!  The Color Run was a blast!!!  The kids had a great time!!  Thank you to our PTA, for a job "Well Done!"

                               Our 4th Grade Program was a hit!!! Great job 4th Graders!!
 Front Row, left to right: Hannah, Isabelle, Jackson, Colin, Berkley!
Second Row, left to right: Skyler, Luke, Dax, Aydan, Megan, Addison P.
Third Row, third cowboy hat to the right: Josten, Miles, Morgan, Lilianna, Tyler, Shaun, Kelsi! 
Back Row, left to right, after the gap: Shaylee, Denym, Gwen, Jordan, Dylan, Nick!
Jenna and Sadie are doing Arials in front of the group! 
Cash Award Winners of The Son's of The Utah Pioneers!!

  Josten $20.00,  Shelby $10.00, and Addi D. $5.00

Winner of next year's South Elementary Yearbook Front Cover!!  Congratulations, Lilianna!!

Presidential and national Fitness Winners!!  Congratulations!!
 What a fantastic group of students!!  Thank you for giving me the awesome privilege of being their teacher!!!  I love each and every one of them!!  Have a great Summer!!

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