Friday, January 20, 2017

Reynolds' Raptor's News January 23, 2017

Hello Everyone!
     I hope you and your child have started working on The Sons of The Utah Pioneers Ancestor Reports!  A fun thing to do as your child researches their ancestor, is to ask questions of their grandparents, or other relatives about their ancestors!  It's surprising, how fun this activity will be for you and your child!  They will learn things about their roots!  Stories that may have never been shared within your family, can now be told!  I'm excited for you and your child to be able to bond together, with your parents and grandparents!  Please follow the lavendar colored rubric, when putting together the Essay/Book Report!  It's not due until February 28, but please don't put it off!!

January 26 Happy Birthday Jackson!!! 
January 30 Book Report/Stone Fox is Due!
January 30-February 3 SEP's
February 3 Field Trip to SUU/Southern Utah Museum Animals

Monday, January 23 7.10 Problem Solving
Tuesday, January 24 Chapter 7 Review/Test  No Homework!
Wednesday, January 25 8.0 & 8.1  Multiplying Fractions by whole Numbers & Multiples of Unit Fractions 
Thursday, January 26 8.2 Multiples of Fractions
Friday, January 27 Mid-Chapter Check Point No Homework!

 Math Homework:
Correlates with the lesson taught each day!

Finished Fish, still working on the Water Cycle!

Poetry Unit 

Social Studies:
Spanish Explorers 


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Reynolds' Raptor's News January 18, 2017

Good Morning Everyone!

     I hope you enjoyed the MLK three-day weekend!!  Our 4th grade classes did a marvelous job, presenting to our school, a program about Martin Luther King!  We had a flag raising ceremony, featuring our own Dax Merrium as the Color Guard Caller, and our own Color Guard, William Colin Taylor presenting The United States of America Flag! 
     We sang songs: "The National Anthem", "What About Martin?", "Brown Eyes Black Eyes", and "Let There Be Peace On Earth."  
     Each class presented their dream!  Our class' dream is:  That There Will Be No More Child Abuse, or Pornography!!  
     Each student created a Gingerbread Person, that was glued onto a large piece of Bulletin board paper, with the words: What's Your Dream painted on it, and is taped up in the foyer across the sand sculpture!  
     We watched a DVD about Martin Luther King!  I brought "Moon Pies" for the entire 4th grade students as a reward for doing such a great job!!

Tuesday, January 18 Mid-Chapter Checkpoint and 7.6 Rename Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Wednesday, January 19 7.7  Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers
Thursday, January 20 7.8  Subtraction with Renaming
Friday, January 21 7.9 Fractions and Properties of Addition

Math Homework:
Correlates with the math lesson taught each day!  Please work one on one with your child in order to help him/her understand the concepts taught!  Thank you!

Sons of The Utah Pioneers Book Report:
Please help your child research one of  his/her ancestors.  Follow the instructions on the lavender rubric sent home last week!!  This assignment isn't due until the end of February, but please don't wait until then, to do the assignment!  Five essay's from our class will be chosen to go on to compete in The Son's Of The Utah Pioneer essay contest!!  Last year, my class won all three cash prizes!!  This is a great opportunity for your child and you, to get to know your ancestors!!  Thank you for your help with this project!

Book Report:
Stone Fox book report is due Monday, January, 30!  It is the book that I gave your child for Christmas!  They were told to read the book over the holidays!  I will send home the rubric today!

Fish/The Water Cycle

Unit 3 Poetry 

Social Studies:
Spanish Explorers

Reading Calendar:
Please remember that your child needs to read at least 30 minutes each night, in order to receive the Pizza Hut Certificate for a free pan-sized pizza!  Thank you for adding up the number of minutes, and signing the calendar!

Have a great week!!  I'm looking forward to visiting with you and your child during SEPs January 30-February 3!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Reynold's Raptor's News January 9,2017

Hello Everyone!

I'm so proud of my class!!  Many scored 100% on the Math Chapter 6 Test!!  Yay!! Most all of the rest, only missed a couple of problems!!  If I can give you any advice on how to help your child with math, it would be this:  Please guide your child through each Math Homework page!  Looking over Math Homework scores, it seems that students are trying to do it all by themselves! The result is that they are practicing wrong!  Please help your child through each and every homework assignment.  You working one on one with your child, is sooooooooo beneficial!! Teach your child, the way you learned how to work the problems!  Your child needs to practice correctly!!  Perfect practice makes perfect!!  Thank you so much for your help with this!!  I really appreciate all that you do to help our children!!

Monday, January 9 Chapter 7.0 & 7.1 Add and Subtract Fractions*Investigate Add and Subtract Parts of a Whole.
Tuesday, 7.2 Write Fractions as Sums
Wednesday, 7.3 Add Fractions using Models
Thursday, 7.4 Subtract Fractions using Models
Friday, 7.5  Add and Subtract Fractions

Math Homework:
Correlates with the math lesson taught each day! 

Fish/The Water Cycle 


Sons of The Utah Pioneers:

Mr. Macklin from The Southern Utah Drug and Alcohol Prevention Association will present to all 4th grade classes each day, all week!  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Reynolds' Raptor's News January 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope all of you had a Very Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!
I sent home Thank-You notes in the form of a bracelet, with each of my students, thanking you for the many thoughtful, heartfelt gifts!!   Thank you so much!!  I hope they made it home for you to see!!

Calendar :
Tuesday, January 3  Happy Birthday Morgan!!
Wednesday, January 4 Practice songs for MLK program
Thursday, January 5 Practice songs for MLK program
Friday, January 6 Practice songs for MLK program 
Monday, January 9 Happy Birthday Isabelle!!

Tuesday, January 3 6.7  Comparing Fractions
Wednesday, January 4 Compare and Order Fractions
Thursday, January 5 Chapter Review/Test
Friday, January 6 Chapter 6 Test

Math Homework :
Correlates with the lesson taught in class, each day 

The Water Cycle/Fish

Social Studies:
Spanish Explorers