Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Reynolds' Raptor's News December 1, 2017

Hello Everyone,
  Can you believe it is December already!!!  Please send 1 yd. of any kind of fabric with your child by Monday, December 6, as we will be making Christmas presents for you from your student!  
We don't have any Birthdays this month, but  will celebrate a couple of summer Birthdays!  Happy Birthday James, Thursday, December 14!! Happy Birthday Lexi, Tuesday, December 19!!  We will be going to S.U.U. for a Women's Basketball game on Tuesday, December 7.  SUU will provide pizza and popcorn for all 4th graders in the school district that attend!!  I will provide a water bottle for each child, so there is no need to send money for a drink. 
  We have also been asked to decorate Zion Bank's Christmas Tree!  We have been working on decorations and will walk there and back on Thursday, December 9th.  We will decorate the tree and the bank will serve us hot chocolate and a cookie.
  It's going to be cold for both of these walking trips, so please make sure your child wear a warm coat on both of those days!
Happy Birthday James!!  Thursday, December 14th.

Read-A-Thon Party
Wednesday. December 20  We will have a Read-A-Thon Pajama Day Christmas Party!!  Please make sure your child wears modest P.Js that are appropriate for all!!  I will provide the book!!  Some students have signed up to bring snacks!!  We will still have P.E. and Sing Around The Tree!!
Merry Christmas to all!!  Thank you for all of the sweet cards, thoughts, and gifts!!  I love everyone of my students and am thankful to be your child's teacher!!  Happy New Year!!  See you back in school, January 2, 2018!! You should receive a letter and progress card Monday night, December 18!!

Monday, December 4  Chapter 5  5.4 Factors and Multiples .
Tuesday, December 5  Chapter 5  5.5 Prime and Composite Numbers
Wednesday, December  6 Chapter 5 5.6 Number Patterns
Thursday, December 7 Chapter 5 Review/Test
Friday, December 8 Chapter 5 Test
Monday, December 11 Chapter 6.0 & 6.1  Equivalent Fractions
Tuesday, December 12 Chapter 6.2 Generate Equivalent Fractions 
Wednesday, December 13 Chapter 6.3 Simplest Form
Thursday, December 14 Chapter 6.4 Common Denominators
Friday, December 15 Chapter 6.5 Problem Solving/Finding Equivalent Fractions
Monday, December 18 Chapter 6.6 Compare Fractions using Benchmarks
Tuesday, December 19 Chapter 6.7 Compare Fractions

Utah Landzones, Habitats and Insects 

Social Studies: 
Indian Tribes of Utah! I hope you like the belt your child wove!


Book Report Due: Monday January 8, 2018
Battle Book 
Example of Book Report !! Timeline of events!

I hope you like the Christmas Tree your child made for you!!
Have a great month!! 
We made Origami Poinsetta's, God's Eyes, Paper Chain, Origami Stars, and glittered pine cones to decorate Zion Bank's Christmas Tree!!  Thank you President Bealer, for giving us this opportunity!!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hello everyone!!

Our field trip to Frontier Homestead was amazing!!   A GIANT Thank you to Kurt Allred, Danielle Demille, and Jeanine Nielson for helping us with the fun activities!!

Friday, November 10  Veteran's Day Program!! 10:00 a.m.  THANK YOU!!  to all of our Veteran's for your service!!  Freedom isn't Free!!  We have to pay the price, we have to sacrifice, for our liberty!!
Reflections Award of Excellence goes to:  Keeley Nielson-2-D Art!  Brent Martin-Photography!!
Congratulations to both of these Artistic Students!! Their projects will be entered District Wide!

Tuesday, November 14 Museum On The Move will be at South, and will teach us some more, about Rocks and Minerals!!

Monday,  November 13,  Chapter 4.12 Problem Solving*Multistep Division Problems
Tuesday, November 14, Chapter 4 Review Test
Wednesday, November 15, Chapter Test
Thursday, November 16, Chapter 5.0 Factors, Multiples, and Patterns. 5.1 Model Factors
Friday, November 17, Chapter 5.2  Factors and Divisibility 
Monday, November 20, Chapter 5.3  Problem Solving*Common Factors
Tuesday, November 21, Chapter 5.4 Factors and Multiples

Monday, November 20 Happy Birthday Lucy Lou!! 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Wednesday, November 22- Sunday26!!
Carting Wool

Spinning Wool



School House

Languages of Pioneers

Musical Chairs


How to hold a Rifle

Horse Shoes

Sawing Logs

Sawing Logs
Old Rock Church!!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Reynolds' Raptor's News November 1, 2017

Hello Everyone,

  Thank you so much for helping with our Halloween Trick or Treat around the classroom!!  It was a great success, and the students loved doing it!!  Also our students were able to carve a face in their apple to dry up for our Indian Dolls!!  Thank you for supplying the apples!! We will start weaving our belts soon! Thank you for supplying the ball of yarn, for this fun activity!!

  Red Ribbon week turned out very well, also!!  Thank you PTA!! Crazy Hair Day was awesome!!  Most important, were the surprises with a message about saying "Boo!" to drugs each morning. Each message was specific, and told students why they need to say away from drugs!

  We will be going on a Field Trip, Frontier Homestead Museum, on Thursday, November 2.  Permission slips were signed for this one at the first of the year!  We will ride the bus there, eat school lunch at the City Park on Main Street, play on the play equipment, then return to school in the afternoon!!  A GIANT Thank you to Danielle Demille, Kurt Allred, and Jeanine Nielson for volunteering to help teach the mini lessons at the museum!!

Friday, November 3 "The Utah Aquarium" will visit our school, and teach 4th graders, about The Water Cycle!!  Habitat and Animals in the Wetland! This is always very interesting and exciting!

Tuesday, November 7  Happy Birthday Ian!!

Friday, November 10  Veteran's Day Program!! 10:00 a.m.  THANK YOU!!  to all of our Veteran's for your service!!  Freedom isn't Free!!  We have to pay the price, we have to sacrifice, for our liberty!!

Tuesday, November 14 Museum On The Move will be at South, and will teach us some more, about Rocks and Minerals!!

Monday, November 20 Happy Birthday Lucy Lou!! 

Friday, November 3  4.7 Divide Using Repeated Subtraction.
Monday, November 6  4.8 Divide Using Partial Quotients.
Tuesday, November 7  4.9 Model Division with Regrouping
Wednesday, November 8  4.10 Place the First Digit
Thursday, November 9  4.11 Divide by 1-Digit Numbers
Friday, November 10   4.12 Problem Solving*Multi-step Division Problems 
Please send back the Practice Math Book that your child brought home!!   We will put them to good use!!

Reflection Contest Winners!!  Their project will enter Region Wide!!  Congratulations Keeley and Brent!!

Utah's Museum on The Move!!

Dylan sharing his Python!!

It's a good thing Dylan's snake isn't hungry!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Reynolds Raptor's News October 16, 2017

Hello Everyone!

Sorry to get so far behind on my blog!  As most of you heard, my son Jon was shot with a 300Mg bullet in his right abdomen a week ago, while hunting elk.  It is a miracle he's alive!  Dr. Stultz is an amazing Dr. and has done a great job after four surgeries!  Jon is expected to make a full recovery! I'm so thankful for prayers in his behalf!

S.E.P.s was fun to visit with each of you and your child!  The end of the quarter was last Friday, October 13.  We are starting fresh, as of today!

We have no October Birthdays!
Monday, October 16 :   The 4th grade passes to all National Parks will be handed to your child.  They are good at any National Park, as long as your child is with you, until September 1, 2018. 
Tuesday, October 17:  Famous Author Assembly.
Wednesday, October 18: Early Out!
Monday, October 30:  Mystery Book Reports Due:  
Tuesday, October 31:  Bring One XXApple for carving!

Monday, October 16,  Review Chapter 3
Tuesday, October 17,  Chapter 3 Test! 
Wednesday, October 18 Chapter 4.0 &4.1 Divide By One Digit Numbers & Estimate Quotients Using Multiples.
Thursday, October 19 Chapter 4.2 Remainders
Friday, October 20 Chapter 4.3 Interpret The Remainder

Math Homework:
90 second Multiplication sheet each night!

Rocks and Minerals, Crystals, Fossils

The Middle Ages,  Halloween Alliterations

Social Studies
We will be dividing up into "The Five Utah Indian Tribes"
Here are a few of our beautiful crystals!!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Reynolds' Raptor's News September 11, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Today we will talk about the" Twin Towers" and how we are grateful to have those who fight for our freedoms!  We will also have some Japanese visitors and a program presented by them.  Picture Day is Thursday, September 14th. We have been reading about "Changes in The Earth" and "Dinosaurs!" We've made a "Dinosaur Timeline, " a "Dinosaur Times" newspaper, a 3-D Earth Model, and a 3-D Volcano!  We made a volcano using pressure and heat in the classroom!  Each Student contributed some magma to the experiment!    

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Welcome Back To School!
      It looks like we have a  great class this year!  I'm excited to get to know each and every student!
We have been working on a lot of class activities that will help us get to know each other! 4th Grade ROCKS! They are all "Of fish ally" Reynolds' Rockin' Raptors! 
     We started out with: Welcome Back To School Booklet, Wacky Introductions,  Oil Pastel Art, Bio Poems, Life Cycles,  Utah Song, Dinosaur Poem, Interdependence Rap, Water Balloon Toss, Pangea, or Land Before Time, and Dinosaur Timelines!
     Read "Chrysanthemum", Investigated our names, graphed our names, wrote information about our Birthdays, Experimented with an Ice Globe, Did M&M Math,  Estimated how many Dinosaur Eggs were in the jar,  Celebrated Dylan's Birthday, Cracked The Code, Did a People Hunt,  All About Me This Summer!

August 22, Happy Birthday Dylan!!
August 27, Happy Birthday Claire!!
September 1, Happy Birthday Lucy P. !!
September 4. Happy Labor Day! No School!
September 20, Happy Birthday Ryder!!

Tuesday, August 22,  Chapter 1 & 1.1 Place Value
Wednesday, August 23,  1.2 Read and Write Numbers
Thursday, August 24 1.3 Compare and Order Numbers.
Friday, August 25 1.4 Round Numbers
Monday, August 28 Mid-Chapter Checkpoint & 1.5 Rename Numbers
Tuesday, August 29 1.6 Add Whole Numbers
Wednesday, August 30 1.7 Subtract Whole Numbers
Thursday, August 31 1.8 Problem Solving * Comparison Problems with addition and Subtraction
Friday, September 1 Chapter 1 Review/Test 

Math Homework: 
There will be NO Gomath Homework!  The District has asked us not to send home Gomath homework, as it frustrates parents!!  I will be sending home Times Tables Charts to be filled out be each student every noght and returned to school each day!

CKLA:  Unit 1 Personal Narratives Childhood Memories! Daily Language Activities!

Science:  Land Before Time/ Changes of The Earth/ Volcanos/ Dinosaurs!

Social Studies:  Utah! This is The Place!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Reynolds' Raptor's News May 17, 2017

Hello Everyone!!
The Color Run was a great success!!! Students collected $10,000, different businesses around town donated $12,000, and the PTA threw in another $10,000!!!  A total of $32,000 towards Google Chrome Books for our school!!!  Yay!!!  Thank you to everyone who participated!!!  The Color Run was a blast!!!  The kids had a great time!!  Thank you to our PTA, for a job "Well Done!"

                               Our 4th Grade Program was a hit!!! Great job 4th Graders!!
 Front Row, left to right: Hannah, Isabelle, Jackson, Colin, Berkley!
Second Row, left to right: Skyler, Luke, Dax, Aydan, Megan, Addison P.
Third Row, third cowboy hat to the right: Josten, Miles, Morgan, Lilianna, Tyler, Shaun, Kelsi! 
Back Row, left to right, after the gap: Shaylee, Denym, Gwen, Jordan, Dylan, Nick!
Jenna and Sadie are doing Arials in front of the group! 
Cash Award Winners of The Son's of The Utah Pioneers!!

  Josten $20.00,  Shelby $10.00, and Addi D. $5.00

Winner of next year's South Elementary Yearbook Front Cover!!  Congratulations, Lilianna!!

Presidential and national Fitness Winners!!  Congratulations!!
 What a fantastic group of students!!  Thank you for giving me the awesome privilege of being their teacher!!!  I love each and every one of them!!  Have a great Summer!!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Reynolds' Rockin' Raptor's News!! May 12, 2017

Hello Everyone!

Here are pictures of our Battle of The Books Teams!
The Nifty Nerds!! Denym, Shelby, Lilianna, Shaylee, and Sadie!

The Nerdy Readers!  Nicky, Addison P. Morgan, Jordan, and Tate!

The Banana Bookmarks!!  Hannah, Kelsi, Tyler, Miles, and Dax!

The Red Readers! Luke, Berkley, Jena, and Ayden!

The Cheesy Readers! Gwen, Jackson, Luke, Colin, and Josten!

Reynold's Raptor's Reading Pack!!  Dylan, Isabelle, Megan, and Shaun!
 We didn't win the Battle, but we had the cutest dress-ups and most creative Posters!!
Thank you for coming to our 4th grade Program!!  Our kids Rocked it!!!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Reynolds' Raptor's News May 1, 2017

Hello Everyone!
     I hope everyone enjoyed the week long Spring Break!!  I know I sure did!!
All Library books, excluding Battle Books, are due Tuesday, May 2.  All Leveled Library Books are also due!
     Our first SAGE Test is Monday, May 1 9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.  Also Thursday 1:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m., Friday 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.  Please make sure that your child has had a good night's sleep, and a healthy breakfast, on those days!  Please talk to them about taking their time, and doing their best!

Monday, May 1 SAGE Reading Test 9:00-11:30
Tuesday, May 2 Library & Leveled Library Books (except Battle Books) are Due!
Wednesday, May 3 Color Run 12:45 White T-Shirts, Sunglasses preferred!
Thursday, May 4 SAGE Writing Test 1:00-3:30
Friday, May 5 SAGE Writing Test 9:00-12:00
Monday, May 8 Happy Birthday Megan!!
Tuesday, May 9 Happy Birthday Colin!!
Tuesday, May 9 4th Grade Battle of The Books!
Wednesday, May 10 Happy Birthday Ayden!! 
Friday, May 12 Happy Birthday Mrs. Reynolds

Monday 13.5 Problem Solving Finding Area /Finish Math Book!
Review all previous taught Math lessons.  Prepare for SAGE Testing!

Rocks, Minerals, Crystals, Soil Profile, and Fossils!   Review all previous taught Science topics!
Prepare for SAGE Testing!

Social Studies
Utah Pioneers!

Investing our Rocks!!  Looking for Luster, Hardness, Chemical Reactions, E.T.C.

Fun At Bard's Birthday Bash!!

The PTA did a great job with our Reading Celebration!!Thank You PTA!!!