Tuesday, December 13, 2016

  Merry Christmas Everyone!!

  Most have made and taken home their Christmas Rag Trees!  I hope you love them, and are displaying them during this holiday season!!  Thank you for providing the fabric! 
   We will be sharing our Christmas Story Book Reports on Monday, December 19!  It will also be P.J. Day!  We will have a  "Read-A-Thon" with books I am giving them for Christmas! 
  In the afternoon, we will play a couple of games, watch "The Grinch That Stole Christmas," and have snacks!  I will be sending home a permission slip to watch the movie! 
   Your child may have signed you up to provide treats for the class!  If you are unable to provide what your child signed you up for, please let me or your child know, as soon as possible, so that we can make other arrangements!  Thank you in advance!! 
  The end of the quarter is Wednesday, December 21!  Please make sure your child has turned in all missing assignments by this coming Friday, December 16, so that they can be entered into the computer before the quarter ends!  It's impossible to enter all missing assignments on the last day of the quarter!
  We have four Birthdays during the break!  Dylan and Gwen will celebrate their Birthdays on Tuesday, December 20, and Sadie will celebrate hers on Wednesday, December 21.  We will celebrate Morgan's after the first of the year, Tuesday, January 3rd!

Monday, December19 Pajama Day!  Read-A-Thon! Book Reports! Afternoon Party and Sing Around The Tree!
Happy Birthday Dylan and Gwen!! December 23
Happy Birthday Sadie! December 21
Happy Birthday Morgan! December 30
Christmas Break: Thursday, December 22-Tuesday January 2 

Monday,  December 12 6.2 Generate Equivalent Fractions
Tuesday, December 13 6.3 Simplest Form
Wednesday, December 14 6.4 Common Denominators
Thursday, December 15 Problem Solving*Find Equivalent Fractions
Friday, December 16 Mid-Chapter Checkpoint/ No Homework

Math Homework:
Corresponds with the lesson taught each day!

Finishing up The Middle Ages

Finishing up Reptiles 

Social Studies:
Finishing up Indian Tribes

                                     Have a wonderful Christmas!!  Happy New Year to all!!


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News December 5, 2016

Hello Everyone!
  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!  We will be starting Christmas Presents for you this week!  1/2 yard of cotton type fabric is requested!  Your child will measure and tear the fabric in order to create you gift!  Old Levis work well, as does old cotton shirt, skirts.  Please, NO T-shirt material, as it does not tear easily!  I will provide all other materials!  Thank you!
Monday 5.6  Number Patterns       Homework 5.6
Tuesday Chapter 5 Review/Test    No Homework
Wednesday Go over Review/Test  No Homework
Thursday Final Chapter 5 Test       No Homework
Friday Chapter 6.0 & 6.1  Fractions and Decimals