Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News November 29, 2016

Hello Everyone!
I hope each of you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!!  Some of our students finished their Indian belts and Indian Dolls! Here's a picture of a couple of tribes that finished!  Students were excited to take them hoe, and have Thanksgiving with the Indians.
Shrunken Indian Head Dolls!

Weaving Belts is so much fun!

We are proud of our Paiute Indian Dolls

We are proud of our Navajo Indian Dolls and belts!

Busy weavers!                     


Tuesday, November 28 Battle Book Reports on Indian Teepee's Due!
Happy Birthday Jenna December 3!  We will celebrate Friday, December 2
Tuesday, December 6  SUU Women's Basketball Game
Wednesday, December 21 Happy Birthday Sadie!
Thursday, December 22 Happy Birthday Dylan and Gwen!!
Friday, December 30 Happy Birthday Morgan!  

Monday, November 28 5.2 Factors and Divisibility
Tuesday, November 29 5.3 Problem Solving and Common Factors
Wednesday, November 30 Mid-Chapter Checkpoint
Thursday, December 1 5.4 Factors and Multiples
Friday, December 2 5.5 Prime and Composite Numbers

Monday, November 14, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News November 14, 2016

Hello Everyone!
Here are a couple of our cute Reflection Contest Winners!
Shelby did a picture that said, "Once I Saw a Turtle That Had All Different Colors!" Megan drew a picture of an airplane and said, "I Believe I Can Fly!"
Congratulations to both of you!

Because of The Veteran's Day Assembly and a couple of other things that came up, we are back-tracking on our Math and Science!

Happy Birthday: Kyle Thursday, November 17!

Monday: Chp.4.9 Model Division With Regrouping
Tuesday: 4.10 Place the First Digit
Wednesday: 4.11 Divide by 1-Digit Numbers
Thursday: 4.12 Problem Solving*Multistep Division Problems
Friday: Chapter 4 Review/Test

Math Homework:
Correlates with the daily lesson. No Homework on Friday! 

Middle Ages

Class Reading: Hatchet

Language Arts: We have finished our Language Arts Convention Packet.  We will continue to use what we have learned, in our writing!  We still do Daily Language every morning!

Science:  Deserts and Reptiles

Social Studies:  Indian Tribes of Utah!

Book Report:  I hope you're saving your cereal boxes!  Our next book report is another Battle Book, and will be done using a cereal box!  Due, Tuesday, November 29!  I'll send the rubric home a week prior to the due date.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News November 7 2016

Hello Everyone!

We're starting yet, another week! Boy, time sure flies when you're having fun!! We have been busy, doing so many fun activities, that are integrated with our Indian Tribes of Utah and Science Units!! We are weaving Indian belts, making thankful Indian boys and writing Indian petroglyphs of what we are thankful for, reading about the five Indian tribes of Utah, then writing about our favorite!  Sharing our narrative writing with classmates, making biome pyramids, including animals that live in each zone, and many other great activities!

Book Report
Due, November 29  Battle Book in the form of a cereal box! Please save your cereal boxes! 

Monday, November 7 Chapter 4.6 Division and the Distributive Property
Wednesday, November 9  Chapter 4.7 Divide Using Repeated Subtraction
Thursday, November 10 Chapter 4.8 Divide Using Partial Quotients
Friday, November 11 Chapter 4.9 Model Division with Regrouping

Math Homework:
Monday: 4.6
Tuesday: No Homework
Wednesday: Mid Chapter Check Point 
Thursday: 4.7
Friday: 4.8 

Language Arts:
Personnal Narratives, Antonyms, Recognizing parts of Speech, Verbs.
Paragraphs on favorite Indian Tribe.

Middle Ages 

Desert Biome, Reptiles

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News November 1, 2016

     I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!  Thank you for contributing to our In Class, Trick or Treat!  It was fun!!  We carved our Apple heads for our Indian Dolls, gave our Mystery Book Reports, and Estimated Popcorn Math, while learning about the unique contributions "Corn" has impacted our country!  Thank you for your awesome support in these activities!!  It does not go unnoticed!!

Monday, October 31 Halloween!  Mystery Book Reports due!!
Tuesday, November 1 Field Trip to Frontier Homestead State Park!  Home lunches for most!  Thank you for our parent helpers!! April Orton, Danelle Pampinella, Jane Hunt, and
Wednesday, P.E.

Monday: Popcorn Estimation Math. No Homework!
Tuesday: Field Trip No Math Homework! 
Wednesday: 4.3 Interpret The Remainder
Thursday: 4.4 Divide Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands!
Friday: 4.5 Estimate Quotients Using Compatible Numbers!

Math Homework: 
Correlates with the lesson taught each day! Please work on "Multiplication Tables" by using flashcards at home!  MASTERING THEIR MULTIPLICATION TABLES,  IS A MUST for LIFE!

Amphibian Reports/ Start to learn about Reptiles and Deserts! 

The Middle Ages 

Book Reports: 
Another Battle of The Books! Due Wednesday, November 30 

Thank you for your support at home!!  Your child, nor I, could do 4th grade without your help! 
Learning how to throw the AdelAdel

Sawing Logs!

Roping Cows!

Weaving The Maypole!

Pitching Horse Shoes!

Finding The BEST way to move water, using gravity!

Playing The game Graceful!!