Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News September 19,2016

Hello Everyone!

Our field trip to Navajo Lake was fantastic!!!  We learned about the Pinion/Juniper land zone,  Deciduous Forest, Coniferous Forest, and Wetlands!!  We learned about where our water supply comes from, while stopping at Cedar City's Water Shed!  We saw toads, dragonflies, damselflies, fish, sheep and a squirrel at Wood's Ranch! We learned about Utah's State Tree; The Quaking Aspen, our old state tree Blue Spruce, and  Fir. We saw deer, birds, fish, and caught Spotted Leopard Frogs, at Navajo Lake!  We got muddy, but had such a great learning time, outside of the classroom!!
Pics of our class at Wood's Ranch!!

Pics of our 4th grade classes at Navajo Lake!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News September 13, 2016

Hello Everyone!

  We had fun making our "Edible Insects!"  Most got the concept of the anatomy of an insect!  
This week, we will start our study of  "Spiders!" 
   Your child should still be reading a "Battle Book," in order to put together our first "Book Report," due on the 28th!  I will send the rubric home with your child next week!  
  On Friday of this week, we are fortunate to have "The Utah Water Van," coming to South Elementary!  They will present and involve your child in doing activities in a "Wetland."  They will bring animals from the wetland with them, for us to observe!

Tuesday, September 13 Happy Birthday Tate!!
Wednesday, September 14 Classroom Store!!
Friday, September 16  Utah Water Van visits our 4th grade classes!
Monday, September 19  Field Trip to Water Reserve Shed, Wood's Ranch, and Navajo Lake!!

Monday 2.3 Multiply Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands
Tuesday 2.4 Estimate Products
Wednesday 2.5 Investigate*Multiply Using the Distributive Property
Thursday 2.6 Multiply Using Expanded Form
Friday 2.7 Multiply Using Partial Products

Math Homework:
Correlates with the lesson taught each day!

Language Arts:
Nouns, Common and Proper, Plural Nouns, and Contractions

Boy Scout's Honor

Science: Spiders/ Habitats 

Have a great week!!

Free Park Pass!!!
First off, please have each of your students go to and complete the online activity.  They will need to print out a voucher after finishing the activity (prior to our arrival) to exchange for their plastic pass. Please email me the number of passes your class will need and correspond with me to schedule a time we can distribute them..

The 4th Grader Pass will allow each student, along with 3 adults and a limitless number of children (age 15 or younger), to enter any national park, monument, historic site, battleground, etc. for FREE until the end of August 2017.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students and their families to get outdoors and have fun exploring the national parks!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News September 6, 2016

Hello Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!  I can't believe we are in our 4th week of school already!!  With time moving fast, so are assignments getting away from us!  A few students are struggling with in-class and at home assignments.  I have sent any past due work home with your child today.  They need to complete and return it by Friday, September 9th.  We have already had several extra hours to work on these in class, yet some have not completed them.  Because of our large classroom size, students really need to be on top of it!  We have to keep moving on, in order to get everything taught that needs to be.  For the size of our class, they are very well behaved! That makes me happy!  Our class is in charge of all of the school duties this week, including:  Raising and lowering the flag, lunch duty, and hall monitors!

Tuesday, September 6:   SUU Foreign Exchange Students presented information about their culture!
Students from China, Korea, and Japan taught us about their culture.
Tuesday, September 13:   Happy Birthday Tate!
Friday, September 16:   "Utah's Water Van," will be with our 4th grade classes, teaching us about "Wetlands."   They will bring animals and plants of Utah's Wetlands, for us to learn about.
Monday, September 19:   Our 4th grade classes will take a field trip up Cedar Canyon.  We will stop at the Water Reserve Shed, Wood's Ranch, and Navajo Lake!   We will learn about the four main land zones of Utah:  Wetlands, Deciduous and Coniferous Forest, Desert and Transitional zones.  We hope to catch, observe, then put back Leopard Frogs!  All students will pay for, and eat a packed school lunch!  Our lunchroom is a peanut free zone.  Allergic to peanuts?  No worries, they aren't allowed! Old shoes that can get muddy and two Walmart bags for putting muddy shoes in, are needed.

Tuesday, September 6 : Chapter 1 Math Test
Wednesday, September 7:  Chapter 2.0 and 2.1 Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers and Multiplication Comparisons.
Thursday, September 8:  2.2 Comparison Problems
Friday, September 9:  2.3  Multiply Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands

Math Homework:
Corresponds with the Math lesson taught each day. 

Book Reports:
August 31, your child checked a Battle of The Books, book out of the library to read for a book report due September 28.  I will send the rubric home a week before it is due.

We've been studying insects, and will make and eat an anatomically correct insect as our test.
Your child chose an insect that they were interested in, researched it, then wrote a Haiku.  We will compare spiders with insects and place all in their proper land zones. Your child got to observe first hand, a Praying Mantis, Katydid, Crickets, and Beetles.  Our class pet "Hairy Spidy, Jr." Tarantula will be a live spider that will be compared to the insects we've observed.  Each student will construct an anatomically correct insect using a variety of food items!  Edible?  Yes they are!! Yummy!!

All students have been bench marked and know what their reading level is. Our class has been reading from our CKLA Readers a story called All-Ball.  

Students have been writing a summer narrative called Save A Little Summer.  Some have brought them home to finish.  

Language Arts:
Students wrote Similies about two other students.  They have made a mobile out of their own similie collection.

Our class is on duty for Flag Raising, Lunch Helpers, and Hall Monitors !

Here's looking forward to another great week!