Monday, April 25, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News! April 25, 2016

We all attended Bard's Birthday Bash at S.U.U!  We wove The Maypole, did Impromptu, Jousted, Tug O' War, Performed on the Shakespearean Stage, and ate Cake with the Queen!  It was a fun morning!!

We finished our Math Book!!  Hip, Hip Hooray!!  We will review all of our concepts in an order to get ready for testing!! We still have Math Homework from the Practice Book that is at home!  Lesson #1 is due Thursday, April 28.

We are finishing up our Weather Unit!  We will  review all of our Science concepts in order to get ready for testing!! We will have a in class test on The Water Cycle and The Weather.  Many of my students still haven't returned their Water Cycle Booklet worth 27 points!  Please ask them about it!

In Social Studies as "Utah Pioneers,"  we are packing our wagons or handcarts and moving westward to The Great Salt Lake!!  Many experiences and calamities will happen on our way.  We will write in our daily journals, the events that take place!  Some will die, before their journey's through. Pioneers, Pioneers, we're grateful for our Utah Pioneers!

Our "Testing Schedule," is on last week's post!  Have a great week!! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News April 18, 2016

Hello !

We're still studying the weather!  This was a play called ,"Tornado Chasers."  Gavin, Brooklyn, Dontay, Charlie, Devon, Aiden, Rachel, and Hayes were the actors:
Friday, April 22 Bard's Birthday Bash at S.U.U.
Thursday, May 5 Battle of The Books 10:30-11:00 (per grade level)
Monday, May 9 Battle of Books 9-11:45
Friday May 13 Grand Battle of The Books/Enoch Elementary
Friday May 13 Orchestra Concert 1:30 P.M. 
Thursday, May 19 Swimming at the Aquatic Center 

May Birthday's:
Sunday, May 1 Happy Birthday Brooklyn!
Monday, May 2 Happy Birthday Jantzen!
Thursday, May 12 Happy Birthday Mrs. Reynolds!
Saturday, May 28 Happy Birthday Aiden!
SAGE Testing Schedule: 
Friday, May 6 E.L.A. A.M.
Monday, May 9 E.L.A. P.M.
Tuesday, May 10 Science P.M.
Thursday, May 12 Writing P.M.
Friday, May 13 Math A.M. 
Please make sure that on days we're testing, that your child had at least 10 hours of sleep the night before.  Also, a healthy, nutritional breakfast!

Math: Chapter 13 Algebra: Perimeter, Area
Monday:  Vocabulary Builder & 13.1 Perimeter
Tuesday:  Test Prep & 13.2 Area
Wednesday:  13.3 Area of Combined Rectangles
Thursday: Mid-Chapter Checkpoint & 13.4 Find The Unknown Measures
Friday:  13.5 Problem Solving*Find The Area 

Science:  Weather: Storms, How to read a "Weather Map, Instruments for measuring the Weather , Vocabulary.
Class Reading: Night of The Twisters By Ivy Ruckman 

Writing: Informational Paper on Tornados

Social Studies: Utah Mormon Pioneers

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News April 11,2016

Hello Everyone!

If your child hasn't demonstrated their "Water Cycle Chamber" to you, please remind them to do so!  The Student Journal was due two weeks ago! It is worth 100 points, and is their final test on the water cycle! 
We started the Weather Cycle going on three weeks ago! 
Trying out our windmills!  There wasn't any wind, so we had to create our own!

Either, blow, twirl, or run! Create your own wind!

Every Pioneer Family made their own weather station.  We check the weather everyday!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News April 7,2016

Hello Everyone!

  I can't believe we are on the final countdown to the end of a great year!!  Lillian did make it to the final round of the calculator challenge, coming in 2nd place in the district!!  Congratulations Lilly!!
  Two people from our class participated in the "South Elementary Talent Show!"  I was sad to think only two participated from our class, when I know how talented my students are!!  Ally and Rae did a dance to "Stitches."  Max brought his ventriloquist friend Chuckles.

2nd place District Math Challenge Champ!!

Ally performed a dance number to "Stitches"

Max and Chuckles!!  "I want some cookies!!"