Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News March 23, 2016

Hello everyone!!

We had a great time at the aquatic center reviewing the Water Cycle!  The walk back to school in the wind, was much less to be desired though!  
Our class winners who participated in the "Math Calculator Challenge," are pictured below:
Lillian, Devon, Gavin, and Hayes

And The Winner that qualifies to move on to the District Level is Lillian!!!  Congratulations sweet girl!!  May the force be with you!!
On Friday, March 25, we are going to have an Easter Egg Hunt!  if possible, please send a bag of 29 pieces of wrapped candy for this event!!  it will be fun!! 

Happy Birthday!  Lillian!! Friday, March 25!!

I just want to express my Thanks to each of you for your great support!!  Our Rendezvous was the "Bomb!"  

Our Ancestor Reports were fantastic!!

Thanks Again for your great support!!

Math: Chapter 12 Geometry, Measurement, and Data!  
Thursday, March 24:  12 and 12.1 Measurement Benchmarks
Friday, March 25:  12.2 Customary Units of Length 
Monday, March 28: 12.3 Customary Units of Weight
Tuesday, March 29: 12.4 Customary Units of Liquid Volume
Friday, March 30:  12.5  Line Plots

Math Homework: Correlates with the lesson taught each day!

Science:  Weather!  Instruments,  and what each one measures, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Anemometer, Barometer, Rain Gauge, Cloud Types, Cumulus, Cumulonimbus, Stratus, Cirrus, How to Read a Weather Map,  How to Predict The Weather, Types of Storms.

Social Studies:  Utah Pioneers! 

CKLA: Geology.  Types of Writing: Opinion, Narrative, Persuasive, Informational, Compare/Contrast.


Here's a few of the Easter Eggs that we rolled!  We used the picture to create Kites and Umbrellas for our bulletin board!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News March 7. 2016

  I hope everyone is having a fun Spring Break!  Please take time during the break to make sure your child has his "Ancestor Book Report" finished, and ready to turn in on Monday, March 14!  The Son's of the Utah Pioneers will be coming by, to pick them up shortly after that!
  I just have to give a shout out to each of you for helping your child with their invention!!  I couldn't believe how creative and inventive each of them are!!  Great Inventive ideas!!  Thank you so much!!
  Another shout out to our class for doubling in proficiancy on our Interim Math scores!!   We are at 50% !  Our goal is 58% by the end of the year!!YaY!!!!  Our class came up 4% higher in L.A. and Writing.  Friday, March 4, our class participated in a fun Mountain Man Math Measurement Game!!

  March Calendar:
Happy Birthday!!!!!:
Devon      March 6
Malachi    March 16
Rachael    March 18
Lillian      March  25
Monday, March 21 Water Fair-Aquatic Center.
Friday, March 25 Math Calculator Challenge 2:00 Fiddlers' Elementary.
Friday, April 22 Bard's Birthday Celebration 9:20A.M.-11:20A.M. SUU. 

Math:  Chapter 11 and 11.1 Investigate Angles and Fractional parts of a Circle.
Monday: 11.2  Degrees
Tuesday: 11.3  Measure and Draw Angles
Wednesday Bell Work: Mid-Chapter Checkpoint
Wednesday: 11.4  Investigate*Join and Separate Angles
Thursday:  11.5  Problem Solving*Unknown Angle Measures
Friday:  Chapter 11 Test

CKLA: Unit 6 Geology
Chapter 1 Think You Know The Main idea?  Prove it!

Science:  Wrap up The Water Cycle and start The Weather Cycle.  Please let your child watch and or read the weather report each day!

Social Studies:  Mountain Man Rendezvous!!  Your child will sell, bargin or trade items with other class members!!  Much like the Mountain Men did with the Native Americans.  The items may be anything: Baked goods, toys,  homemade items, games, puzzles, inventions, jewelry, drinks, clothes,(lemonade, Hot Cocoa, Soda) e.t.c. Tuesday, March 15.
Jace's Basketball Return Invention!!
Student Inventor Cards!  Can you guess which student is yours?
Mountain Men Tall Tales!

 McKinley's Box Opener, Kailoni's Hand Raiser,  Jace's Basketball Returner, Caleb's Magnetic Perfect Catcher Mitt, Brooklyn's SheBeanie
Aiden's "Lazy Susan" Table Runner!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News February 24, 2016.

Hello Everyone!!

We have had a fabulous week!!  Our CKLA box "Eurika" has been very creative and fun!!  Your child has made two inventions with their lab group, and has earned several wedges, to complete this very marvelous unit!  I'm amazed at what an inventive class we have this year!! 
Eureka judges had a problem.  They didn't want to have to get up out of their chairs to throw their garbage in the trash can, so they gave our 4th grade classes a challenge.  Using a few of the same type of materials, student inventors came up with these ideas!!  Here are some pictures of their inventions:

Materials used were:  Rulers, straws, tuna fish can, tape, muffin tins, craft sticks, string, pie tins, paper, and glue.
Rachael's group's Invention!

Ally's group Invention

Our Fabulous Inventor Judges: George Washington Carver, Jacques Cousteau, Hedy LaMarr, and Thomas Edison! 

Reynolds' Raptor's News February 29, 2016

Hello Everyone!
Our 4th graders enjoyed The Utah Water Van!  We learned more about "Wetlands," and "The Water Cycle!"  Here are some fun pics about what went on!!

This King Snake (Reptile) lives in the wetlands.

So does the Garter Snake! (Reptile)

The Tiger Salamander, an Amphibian, lives in our Utah Wetlands.

The Spotted Toad is another Amphibian that is indigenous to Utah wetlands.