Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News February 15 2016

Hello Everyone!!
I hope each of you had a Happy Valentine's Day and President's Day!!  Here are a few pictures of our class, dancing with the Tanner Dance Company!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News February 8, 2016

Hello Everyone,
Congratulations to Aiden, Hayes, and Jantzen on winning the chance to participate in the "Spelling Bee!"  You guys ROCK!!!

Hayes and Aiden did an awesome job spelling in the Spelling Bee!

We are starting a lot of new units this week!!  CKLA unit 5, puts us in a T.V. Game Show called "Eureka!!"  So exciting!!  Our new Social Studies is "Mountain Men!" Science is "The Water Cycle!"  and Math is Chapter 9 Relating Fractions an Decimals!!

February Calendar: 
Monday, February 8:  Spelling Bee!  2:30 in the gym.
Friday, February 12:   Tanner Dance 10:30-11:15.  Valentine's Celebration!!  I sent home a list of students in our  
                                    class, with your child!
Sunday, February 14:  Happy Valentine's Day!!
Monday, February 15: Presidents Day!!  No school!! 

Math:  Chapter 9  Monday 9.3 Equivalent Fractions and Decimals.
                             Tuesday 9.4 Relate Fractions, Decimals, and Money. Mid-Chapter Review.
                             Wednesday 9:5 Problem Solving and Money.
                             Thursday 9.6 Add Fractional parts of 10 and 100.
                             Friday 9.7  Compare Decimals
Math Homework:  Correlates with the Math lesson taught each day!

Science:  The Water Cycle:  In class, Matter, Solids, Liquids and Gases.  Pre -Test. Home: Water Usage Log and Salt Dough  Recipe sent home. Due Back: Tuesday, February 16!  Thank you!

CKLA:  Eureka!!  Game Show  Inventions!!

Have a great week, and awesome President's Day!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Reynolds' Raptor's News February 1, 2016

Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your "Snow Day!"  Wow!  61 years since we've had one!  I'm from Cedar, so the last snow day was a year before I was born!  Thank you to Superintendent Dulaney for making the wise decision, to call it! SEP week!  School gets out at 2:30 everyday!  I'm looking forward to meeting with you and your child!
I looked out my window and what did I see?  16 inches of snow piling up in front of me!!  Students DO NOT have to make up the SNOW DAY!  YAY!! Teachers do though:(