Tuesday, October 27, 2015

October 26 - 30, 2015

Note: I want to publicly apologize to my wonderful peer teacher, Mrs. Komarek, for using most of her blog information last week!!  I was sick for three days, had  court on one day, was in an automobile accident, and had no time to prepare my own blog!!  It will never happen again, Mrs. Komarek!! This is my book report that I created, and a picture of me and 6 of the children from our 4th grade classes.   Again, I am sorry! 

Dear Parents,
Today is the first day a new quarter!  Progress Reports for first term will be coming home this week.
Our first Battle of the Books book report is due this week.  Here is how the report will be graded:

Red Ribbon this week!  Here is the low down:
 Wednesday the 28th - Assembly with the police dogs
 Thursday the 29th - "My Future is Bright", wear a bright color shirt or school shirt
 Friday the 30th - "Your choices are the key to your dreams"  wear pajamas and/or crazy hair for "Hairs to a Drug free life"

Curriculum News:

  • Literacy - We are in Unit 2 lesson 8-12.  This unit is on the Middle Ages and has been very interesting to read.  This week students will be reading about the Battle of Hastings and Henry II and Law and Order.  Grammar focus is on adverbs, adjectives, subject and predicates.  Morphology focus: prefix "en", root word arch.  Spelling test will be on Tuesday and new words on Thursday.  I have the students do a lot of practice with spelling words in class, this next series of words I will send home a copy for you all.
  • Math - Chapter 3 has been on 2-digit multiplication.  As you know there are many steps involved in this.  The GoMath program has three methods to this concept.  I am okay with my students doing what ever method works for them as long as they get the correct answer.  What I am seeing in their work is multiplying wrong or adding wrong.  Please work on these basic math facts at home.  Knowing these math facts is so so important!  This week in Math:  Lesson 3.7 on Monday, problem solving with multiple steps.  Tuesday - Chapter 3 review.  Thursday - Chapter 3 Test, each problem will be worth 3 points - 1 point for underlining information and bracketing the question, 1 point for showing work, and 1 point for the correct answer.  75 points total. Friday - graphing math scores and introducing Chapter 4
  • Special Classes - In Art students will be finishing up their Reflections project, I love seeing their creativity, it amazes me.  In Social Studies we are learning about the Five Indian Tribes that lived in Utah.
Important Dates:

  • October 26, First day of 2nd term
  • October 27, Spelling Test
  • October 28, Guest Speakers, Museum On the Move
  • October 29, Book Report due, I have brads for the wheel
  • October 30 Homework Club Lunch meets
  • October 31, Halloween!
  • November 5, October Reading Calendar due
  • November 12, Frontier Homestead State Park visit.  We will need 8 parent volunteers for our three classes.  Email me if you are interested.
  • Happy Birthday
  • Oct. 21 Happy Birthday Caleb!
  • Oct. 25 happy Birthday Derek!
  • Oct. 29 Happy Birthday Brandon!

Marvin and Jesse Plays are back!!  Positive Thinking was the theme for this month.  Two of the actors were from our class :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Reynolds' Raptor's News #4

Hello Everyone!!

We had a wonderful field trip to Zion National Park!!  Thank you Lisa Blodgett for coming along and helping us!!  We came back to school, and made lists of things we saw, heard, and felt!  What a great group of students!!  I love them already!!

Language Arts Amplify:  As you may have gathered, our Language Arts Program has not incorporated spelling words yet, but will be doing so soon.  We are studying Unit 2 The Middle Ages!!  Pretty interesting stuff!!  We are implementing are worksheets and activity pages into our classroom studies.  I hope this helps with you not having to do homework in this area!  We have covered Nouns, both common and proper, prefixes.

Math: Tuesday lesson 3.3 Area Models and Partial Products. Wednesday will be 3.4 Multiplying Using Partial Products, Thursday Mid-chapter Checkpoint, and 3.5 Multiply With Regrouping, and Friday 3.6 Choose A Multiplication Method and Test Prep.
Math Homework:  Please note, the lesson taught each day, correlates with the homework to be done that night. Please help your child understand the homework.  I always teach the traditional way first, then we work out the problems the way the book shows us how to figure them out.

Science:  Minerals and Rocks!!
Important Dates:
  • October 12, Zion Field Trip
  • October 19, Harvest Holiday
  • October 20-21, No school, Teacher Professional Development
  • October 22, all late work due
  • October 23, end of 1st term
  • October 28, Guest Speakers, Museum On the Move
  • October 29, Book Report Due
  • October 30, Homework Club Lunch
  • October 31, Happy Halloween!

Have a great week!