Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hello Everyone,
      I'm happy to announce that we made it through an entire week of school!!!  Your child has already been "Bench Marked," for their reading level,  completed a "Math Inventory,"  to access how much they've retained in math, and worked through five lessons in "Go Math" and our new "Amplify,"  language arts program!

     Some of the fun things we've done are:  Make Pipe Cleaner People,  celebrate five student's Birthdays,  learned our "Class Cheer," " Interdependence Rap,"  "Dinosaur Poem," and sang our State's "Utah Song!" We had a "People Hunt,"  did "Whacky Introductions,"  wrote  "Simile Stories," describing a "Strange Creature," then drew a picture of it, according to our story.   Most shared their's with the class!  We have some fantastic artists, and writers!!!  We've started writing our "Save A Little Summer,"  stories, indicating what your child did over the summer, that they want to save memories of.  We had a "Water Balloon Toss," to demonstrate our "Interdependence Rap," and got wet during the process!!  Oh what fun!!  I want to express a giant THANK-YOU to Kim Holyoak for filling all of the water balloons for us!!  She has done this for several years now, and I appreciate her help so much!!!

     Please make sure that your child reads at least Thirty minutes each night!  Please mark the minutes read on the yellow "Reading Calendar!"  Nine-Hundred minutes each month is required in order to win a personal sized pizza from "Pizza Hut."  Because we didn't start school until August 20,  only 330 minutes will be required for a prize from my "Treasure Chest."

     Spelling and vocabulary are included in each "Amplify" L.A. lesson.  There won't be a weekly spelling list to memorize.

     Math Lessons taught each day, will accompany the "Math Homework" for that night.  I sent the "Homework Book," home with your child, in an effort to have more returned to school.  That way, the students can't say they forgot to take it home;)

     Science: We've already started "Land Before Time,"  by putting together a "Pangea," Puzzle and gluing into our "Science Journals."  We will be viewing an Eye Witness Movie about "Prehistoric Life."  We will watch a  authentically scientific "Volcano" explode in our room!!  Study "Dinosaurs," and make "Replica Fossils!"

     Social Studies:  We will learn about Utah's symbols, counties, people and history!

Thank you for attending "Back To School Night!"  Also for emailing me to tell me that you've read our "Blog!"  Now I will be able to send you this blog along with others, because I have your email address!!  I hope to make this year, be one of the BEST school years of your child's life!!  Thank you for giving me this awesome opportunity!!