Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reynolds' Raptor's News #23

Hello Everyone!!

  Happy Valentine's Day!!  Thank you for the thoughtful Valentines!!  We sure had a lot of fun Friday afternoon!  We read "A Holiday Book Valentine's Day." Your child learned to square dance to, "Oh Johnny Oh!" They had a blast!!  We pinned the heart on the "Care Bear," had a "Valentine Bingo Game," a "Musical Cookie Walk Game" and opened Valentines!! I hope you had a nice three-day weekend!!  I know I did! 
  Our President's Day program is Tuesday, February 17th! 2nd Grade is in charge.
  Congratulations to: Ava Parsons, Corbin DeMille, Megan Roundy, and D.J. Gillespie for qualifying for the South Elementary "Spelling Bee!"  It will be held, Friday, February 20th at 2:00 P.M.
  We are sorry to say "Good-Bye" to our awesome student teacher, Mr. Alley!  He will be going to Mrs. Bali's 1st grade classroom. We will miss him.

  Book Report:  Your child needs to be studying up on one of their ancestors.  They will need to write a 300 word report on the ancestor of their choice.  I sent the rubric home with your child last Monday.  Please ask them about it.  The report is due March 16th.  It doubles as a informational writing piece for The Son's of The Utah Pioneers.  There will be a monetary award to the best chosen among our 4th grade classes.  Also a district award will be given.

  Spelling:  Calf, walked, ghost, gnawed, climber, wreath, listen, island, scent, wrench, judge, fasten, wrist, doubt, knock, answer, knelt, sign, temperature, thermometer.

  Math:  Chapter 10.3 Parallel Lines and Perpendicular Lines, 10.4 Classifying Quadrilaterals,  Mid-Chapter Checkpoint, 10.5 Line Symmetry.
  Math Homework:  Correlates with the lesson taught each day.

  Science:  The Water Cycle

  Social Studies:  Spanish Explorers, then Mountain Men.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Reynolds' Raptor's News #22

     Hello Everyone!

     I hope you are all well, and loving this wonderful spring weather!!
We are still preparing for the writing tests that will be taken this coming Wednesday, February 11, and again, Wednesday, February 18.  Students will be asked to write either an "Informational Paper," or an "Opinion Paper."  They are given 2 hours for each writing. Please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep the night before, and eats a healthy breakfast the morning of each test.

     This is Mr. Alley, (Our student teacher's,) last week!!  He has been awesome!!  His next assignment is in Mrs. Bali's First Grade Classroom.  We have been very lucky to have him in our class!

     We will be making Valentine containers in class!  We will have a Valentine exchange on Friday, February 13.  A class list was included in last week's blog!  We will also do some fun activites in our classroom:  Cake Walk,  Bingo,  Pin The Heart on the Care Bear, and our Valentine Exchange.

     Our Scrumptious Book Reports were great!!  The Son's of The Utah Pioneers are having their annual "Ancestor Writing," contest!  This doubles as our next book report!  I sent the rubric and all information home with your child, last Friday.  They are due, March 17th.  There will be a district winner, school winner, and class winner. 

     Spelling:  Students will qualify for our school-wide "Spelling Bee" this coming Thursday, February 12.  I will let you know if your child qualifies for the District Spelling Bee on Friday, February 20th.  This week's spelling words are:  Shoes, clues, wound, junior, truth, duty, news, through, few, who, schoolroom, whose, conclusion, June, shampoo, cruel, choose, ruin, measurement, geometry.

     Math:  Chapter 10 Geometry, Measurement, and Data:  Two Dimensional Figures,  10.1 Lines, Rays, and Angles,  10.2 Classify Triangles.  Because of the writing tests, we will NOT have a math lesson on Wednesday.
     Math Homework:  Correlates with the lesson taught each day!

     Science:  The Water Cycle

     NO SCHOOL Monday, February 16th  PRESIDENT'S DAY!!

Have a great week!!! Thanks for all of your support!!! <3 <3 <3  Happy Valentine's Day!!!<3<3<3