Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News #15

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Happy Birthday: Damien 2,  D.J. 4, Jason 23!

I can't believe it's that time of year already!!  Time goes by fast..........when you're having fun!!!
I hope you're all ready for Christmas and New Years!!  I want to Thank Everyone for your great support this year!!  I love your child, and appreciate the help you give them at home!!  Believe me.....it shows!! A giant THANK-YOU to our reading helpers!!

Book Report:  Doesn't need to be an actual book!  It will be telling of an Indian Legend!  The rubric is simple, yet interesting!  Students will present them on Thursday, December 18, 2014.

Friday, December 19 will be "Pajama Day!"  We will have a Read-A-Thon in the morning.  In the afternoon , we will watch "How The Grinch Stole Christmas," and play a game, and eat snacks!  Your child may have signed you up for a snack item.  If you are unable to supply it, that's fine!  Thank You! I'm sending home a permission slip  for you to sign, in order for your child to watch the movie.

Spelling: Leaf, leaves, wolf, wolves, potato, potatoes, roof, roofs, family, families, library, libraries, journey, journeys, hero, heroes, ditch, ditches, quotient, remainder .

Math:  Chapter 6 Test  Chapter 7, Add and Subtract 7.1 Add and Subtract parts of a Whole, 7.2 Write Fractions as Sums, 7.3 Add Fractions Using Models, 7.4 Subtract Fractions Using Models.

Math Homework:  Correlates with the lesson taught each day! 

Science:  Soil and The Soil Profile!

Social Studies:  Finish our Indian Tribes of Utah Unit

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News #12

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Book Reports:  Biography Book Reports were awesome!!  Thanks for your support!!  The next book report will be that of an Indian Legend!  Your child may google a story or check out an actual book from the library.  It will be due, December 19. 

Reading:  Please remember that your child needs to be reading at least 30 mins. each night!  15 mins. should be read out loud to an adult for vocabulary and clarification purposes!  A few students have still not returned their October Reading Log!  We have finished reading Hatchet, By Gary Paulsen, and will start Brian's Winter !

Spelling: Cleaner, cleanest, bigger, biggest, earlier, earliest, quicker, quickest, busier, busiest, rougher, roughest, heavier, heaviest, happier, happiest, lazier, laziest, Christmas, fractions.

Math: Students should practice multiplication tables for 10-15 mins. per night!!  As I said before, our students are struggling with the basic math facts!
6.0 Fractions and Decimals, 6.1 Equivalent Fractions, 6.2 Generate Equivalent Fractions, 6.3 Simplest Form, and Common Denominators, 6.4 Common Denominators.
Math Homework: Correlates with the lessons taught each day!

Science:  Soil and the "Soil Profile."

Social Studies:  Indian Tribes of Utah!  We wove belts, and dressed our Indian dolls. Bud and LaRee Garfield did an amazing presentation for us , on the American Indians!

Students will be making a Christmas present for you!  I have supplied everything except 1/2 yard of fabric!  The gift is a decoration for your home!  I would like all of the fabric to be here by this Friday, so we can get started!  The fabric needs to be able to be torn!  Otherwise, your student will have to cut out by hand.  Old levis or cotton shirts work well also.  Just so there is at least 1/2 yard, per student!  Thank You!!
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