Monday, November 17, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News #11

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving!!  We are in school this week, and two days next week!  Our Thanksgiving break begins, November 26, and goes until Monday, December 1!

Book Reports:  Biography Book Reports are due, next Monday, November 24!  Your child will either dress-up like the person they are reporting on, or bring props.  Ex. Helmet, mitt, soccer ball, jersey,  pictures, e.t.c.  The rubric is being sent home today!

Reading:  Please remember that your child needs to be reading at least 30 mins. each night!  15 mins. should be read out loud to an adult for vocabulary and clarification purposes!  A few students have still not returned their October Reading Log!  We are finishing Hatchet, By Gary Paulsen!

Spelling: Lived, living, rattled, rattling, studied, studying, traveled, traveling, changed, changing, appeared, appearing, raced, racing, hoped, hoping, wrapped, wrapping, Indian, Thanksgiving.

Math: Students should practice multiplication tables for 10-15 mins. per night!!  As I said before, our students are struggling with the basic math facts!
5.4 Factors and Multiples, 5.5 Prime and Composite Numbers, 5.6 Algebra, Chapter 5 Review/Test.  6.0 Fractions and Decimals, 6.1 Equivalent Fractions, 6.2 Generate Equivalent Fractions
Math Homework: Correlates with the lesson taught each day!

Science:  Soil and the "Soil Profile."

Social Studies:  Indian Tribes of Utah!  We are weaving belts, and are about to dress our Indian dolls.

Students will be making a Christmas present for you!  I have supplied everything except 1/2 yard of fabric!  The gift is a decoration for your home!  I would like all of the fabric to be here by this Friday, so we can get started!  The fabric needs to be able to be torn!  Otherwise, your student will have to cut out by hand.  Old levis or cotton shirts work well also.  Just so there is at least 1/2 yard, per student!  Thank You!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News #10

Hello Everyone!
  Our field trip to " Frontier Homestead," was awesome!!!  Thank you Lisa Anderson for helping us pack the wagon!!  We participated in some very fun activities:  Packed a game called "Stage Coach", "Lassoed" Animals with rope, learned about "Mining" in Iron County, panned for "Gold," shot the "Adladls", played a game called "Double-Ball",  and "Ground corn"!!
 We then, walked to the city park, and ate a sack lunch!!  We played for a little bit on the playground equipment, then walked back to school!! I hope you enjoyed all of the pictures I posted last week! 

November 12  Happy Birthday  Ian!!!!

Math:  I want to emphasize the fact that our kids need to have the "Basic Math Facts," mastered!
If you are able to go to " Dollar Tree" and pick up some Multiplication,  Division,  Addition, and Subtraction Flash Cards, that would be very helpful!  I would suggest that your child work on memorizing the basic math facts, by using those flash cards every night, for 15 min.  It would be fun for them, if you could use them as a game!
  I would also suggest, that you help your child with the math homework.  Use the easiest method for you and your child.  Remember, there's more than one way to cook an egg!
Math:  4.9 Model Division with Regrouping, 4.10 Place The First Digit, 4.11 Divide by 1-Digit Numbers, 4.12 Problem Solving.
Math Homework: Correlates with the daily math taught in class.  Plus, 15 min. working with flashcards on Basic Math Facts!
Math Workshop for Parents:  Thursday Night , November 6, at South Elementary, 7:00 p.m.!!

Spelling:  Didn't, that's they're, you're, couldn't, haven't, o'clock, we're, isn't,  I'm, it's, who's, they'd, could've, they've, you'll, don't, aren't, Goshiute, Shoshone.

Social Studies:  The Indian Tribes of Utah!

Science:  Finishing up Rocks and Minerals.