Monday, September 22, 2014

Reynolds'Raptor's News #6

Hello Everyone!!
   The PTA has scheduled tonight! Monday Evening, September 22 from 5:00-7:00, as Dinner & a Movie Fundraiser night!!  You may use the tickets purchased for the Back to School Bash, or buy new ones!

     Field Trip to Canyon Park, Friday morning, September 26.  Just the morning.  We'll be back to school, for lunch!

   September 29-October 3 S.E.P.s.  School dismisses at 2:30 each day, including Wednesday. 

   Battle of The Book Report Due, September 29.  I'll send the rubric home today.

   Spelling: Strong, wrong, copy, clot, problem, October, whole, explode, control, shown, bowl, bottom, smoky, coach, throat, toast, doughnut, foe, indigenous, elevation.

    Math:  Chapter 2 Test,  3.0 Multiply 2-digit Numbers , 3.1Multiply by Tens,  3.2 Estimate products,   3.3 Area Models  and Partial Products,  3.4  Multiply using Partial Products.
    Math Homework:  Correlates with  lesson taught  each day!

     Science:  Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic Rocks!  Indigenous plants of Utah!  Land Formations. 

Reading:  Your child should be reading at least 30 mins. every night!  The reading calendar is due   Wednesday, Oct. 1.  Our class is reading Hatchet, by Gary Paulson.

Reading helpers:  Start the week after SEPs.  I'll cll to remind those who have signed up!!

Have a great week!!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News #5

Hello Everyone!!
   The PTA has scheduled next Monday Evening, September 22 from 5:00-7:00, as Dinner & a Movie Fundraiser night!!  You may use the tickets purchased for the Back to School Bash, or buy new ones!

   September 29-October 3 SEPs.  School dismisses at 2:30 each day, including Wednesday. 

   Battle of The Book Report Due, September 29.  I'll send the rubric home this coming Friday. 

   Spelling: Since, which, inch, string, title, shrimp, picnic, mind, wild, decide, why, skyscraper, buy, right, lightning, write, cypress, bicycle, indigenous, sedimentary, metamorphic. 

   Math: Lesson 2.9 Multi-step Multiplication, 2.10  Multiply Two-digit Numbers with Regrouping, 2.11 Multiply 3-Digit and 4-Digit numbers with Regrouping, 2.12 Algebra Solving Multistep Problems using Equations, Chapter 2 Review Test.

   Science:  Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic Rocks

   Reading Groups:  We've started our  Reading Groups!

   Classroom Reading Book: Hatchet By Gary Paulson 

Language Arts: We've been studying the use of apostrophies!  Sometimes used as a contraction, sometimes used s a possessive.

Have a great week!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Reynold's Raptors' news #4

Hello Everyone!!

We're off to a great start!!  Remember picture day is this coming Monday September 8, 2014!!
Also, don't forget our "Back To School Bash,"  That night!!  Buy your tickets in advance to receive a discount!!  Thanks to the P.T.A. for putting this affair on for South Elementary!!

Happy Birthday
Mikayla Halterman 18

Science:  The Living Plant Museum will be visiting our 4th grade classes on Monday September 8, to teach us about land forms!!  This fits right along with our earth science studies.  We will also be learning about the different classifications of rocks!!

Spelling: Then, else, edge, when, tenth, empty, sketch, easy, eager, sneakers, mean, fifteen, receive, piece, believe, spelling, people, squeeze, Utah, Raptors.

Math:  2.4 Estimate products,  2.5 Multiply Using the Distributive Property, 2.6 Multiply Using Expanded Form, 2.7 Multiply using Partial Products,  Mid-Chapter Checkpoint.
Math Homework:  Correlates with each lesson taught that day.  Mid-Chapter Checkpoint doesn't have homework.
Multiplication Tables:  Some of our class are behind on mastering their multiplication tables!!  This concept cannot be stressed enough!!  Your child must know them, backwards and forwards!!  Please work at home with them on accomplishing this life-long learning task!!  Thank You!

Reading:  Please remember that your child has their first book report due, Monday, September  29.
They should be reading a Battle of The Books Book!!  You may read along with them;)
Please remember that your child should be reading every night for at least 30 mins. 15 mins. should be read out-loud to an adult, for clarity and vocabulary.  The September Reading Log should have come home the 1st of September.  Please keep it in plain site so that your child  can keep a record of their reading time.  At the end of the month, please sign, total the time, and return with your child to school!  Thank you!!

Language Arts:  We have been studying the difference between Common and Proper Nouns, Plurals, and this week; Abbreviations and Compound Words! 

Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News #3

Dear Parents,
It's hard to believe that we're already on our 3rd week of school!!!  Everything is moving right along!!  Your child has been bench marked for their new reading level. Thanks to Linda Marriot and her crew!
The PTA is asking that all parents sign up for the South Elementary Alert system, so that you will receive texts on your phone about events at our school.  The three options are as follows:
3 options to sign up for PTA alerts:

1. APP:  download "Remind101" app and enter code: @southel
2. TEXT:  send a text to (435) 238-4868 with the message: @southel
3.  EMAIL:  send a blank message to
Happy September Birthday!!!:
Dylan O, 1
Nicole Hedges, 3
Mickayla Halterman 18th.

Picture Day:  Monday, September 8
Back To School Bash: Monday, September 8  Get your tickets early, at a discounted price!!

Spelling: Fact, began, clasp, rapid, able, later, space, stranger, grade, display, main, explain, freight, neighbor, weigh, vein, April, ankle, mountain, valley.
Math:  Completed Chapter 1   Lessons Intro Chp. 2  Multiplying By One Digit Numbers 2.1, 2.2, 2.3
Math Homework correlates with the lesson taught each day.

Science:  We've learned about the parts of the earth and how volcanos really erupt.  We have started our Rocks and Minerals unit.  We know that all rocks are a combination of one or more minerals.  We know that minerals are used in our every day lives.  We will disect a Chocolate Chip Cookie to find the minerals (Choc. Chips) within.  We will learn about crystals and our birthstones.

Please make sure to access your child's Powergrades once a week!!  This will inform you on what your child is doing, and how well they're doing it!

I have a wonderful class!!  Thanks for giving me this opportunity to teach your child!!  Have  great week!!!