Sunday, April 27, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News # 32

Hello Everyone!

I'm including a calendar of important dates, that I thought would be helpful these last fews weeks of school!
April 26 & 28 Happy Birthday Kaden and Cooper.
April 30 Happy Birthday Kaysha!!
May 9 Happy Birthday Daxten!
May 10 Happy Birthday Laura!
May 12 Happy Birthday Mrs. Reynolds!
We have finished our Spelling program.
Library Books Due: Tuesday, April 29!
May 1 Thursday:  Science Test 1:00-2:00.
May 2 Friday:  Science Test 1:00-2:00.
May 2 Friday:  CVHS Hershey Track Meet Registration!
May 5 Monday:  Math Test 10:30-11:30.
May 5 Monday: Reading Celebration! Afternoon!
May 5 Monday:  Book Report Due! Newberry Award Winner on Cereal Box!  Sorry, I sent home the wrong rubric, so I put the due date back another week!  The new rubric should be more clear!
May 6 Tuesday: Math Test 9:00-10:30.
May 9 Friday:  Move It Day! 4th Grade is incorporating The Meeting of the Rails at Promontory Point.
May 12 Monday:  Battle of The Books! 9:00
May 16 Friday: 4th Grade Field Trip to The Aquatic Center! $2.00 each.  School Packed Lunch!
May 19 Monday: 4th Grade Memory Day and Open House. 2:30.  Room B-9
May 19 Monday: South and Enoch, Battle of The Books 1:00 at South Elementary!
May 22 Thursday:  Field Day at CHS Track!  4th and 5th Grades only!
May 23 Friday:  Last Day Of School.  Meet New Teachers 9:30. Schools out at 2:30!
Math: Lessons 12.7 Metric Units of Mass & Liquid Volume.  12.8 Units of Time.  12.9 Problem Solving and Elapsed Time.  12.10  Mixed Measures.  Test Prep.  12.11 Algebra  Chp.12 Review Test
Math Homework Correlates with the lessons taught above.
Science: Finsih up Weather/Birds. Start Rocks/Minerals.
Reading: In Class, Night of The Twisters
Please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast on testing days!  Also, please make sure your child attends school on testing days!  Thanks for all you do!!
I love your child, and feel very blessed to have been their teacher this year!!
Having fun with the Pinwheels we made!!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News #31

Hello Everyone!
      It seems like forever ago that I wrote something here!  But, I guess I only missed one week! LOL!!
As many of you know, I went in to surgery April 8 for a cornea transplant.  What should have taken two hours, took six.  The pressure in my eye was extreme, causing Dr. Edwards to laser some holes in the cornea to relieve the pressure.
      The next day, the transplant had slipped out of place, so another five hour surgery. There were concerns about going from a lower altitude, to a higher altitude, resulting in more pressure, so I was prescribed some drops and a pill to help with the pressure, should it become extreme again.
     All went well until midnight, when the pressure began to escalate!  The drops didn't seem to help, so the pill was taken, this made me immediately vomit!  I was scared that it knocked the cornea out of place again.
     A call to the on-call Dr. told me to continue the drops until I felt relief!  Finally, the pressure subsided, and I went to another appointment that morning.  Everything was in place and working great!! Thank goodness!!
     Mrs. Boggess was my substitute for six days, and did a great job!!  I hope each of you had a wonderful Easter break!!  Thank you so much for your contribution to our "Easter Candy Hunt!"
     On Thursday, April 17,  I was released to drive, and do most of my regular activities!  I'm so happy to be back to school!!
     Today, Monday, April 21, I made pancakes for my class, (A yearly tradition) before taking our language arts test.
      Happy Birthday McKenzie!!
     Spelling:  Multiply, imagination, favorite, computer, citizenship, invisible, undercover, enjoyment, discussion, America, unusual, example, melody, temperature, understanding, experiment, explanation, oxygen, feather, beak.
     Math:  Make up lessons that they didn't get to, with our substitute.  11.5, Chapter 11 Review Test,
12.2, 12.3.
     Science: Weather/Birds
     Book Report:  Newberry Award Winner Due; April 29.
Thanks for all that you do!!