Monday, March 31, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News #30

OMGosh! This year is going by quick!!
     Congratulations to: Blakely Cyphers on being the 4th grade winner of the Year Book Cover!
Laura Stephenson on taking 3rd place in the Science Fair among 4th graders!  Craig Whittaker won Honorable Mention!!  Great job!!  Reynolds' Rockin' Raptor's!!
     The Living Planet Aquarium came to visit our 4th grade classes today!  They brought a Wetland Model, Bulrush, Cattail plants, a Tiger Salamander, Red Spotted Frog, Garter Snake, and King Snake.   It was a great review for our End of Level Science Test!
     We will be taking the writing test this week!! Students will read three articles, then form an "Opinion," and write about it!  They will read two-"Informational" articles, then write about them. They must write at least three paragraphs for each piece and then type them!!  Good luck Raptor's!!!!
     Noah Denhalter will be performing in Pirates of Penzance!  Our class will be attending on April 11, at 10:00.  If you are able to donate $2.00 for this great opportunity, it would be very much appreciated!!  A giant THANK YOU to Jennifer Denhalter for arranging the time, and paying for our tickets!!
     April Birthdays:  Happy Birthday!! 3 Abby,  18 McKenzie,  23 Brody, and  25 Kaden!!!!
     Spelling Words:  Hopeless, careless, homeless, tireless, hopeful, fearful, cheerful, cheerful, careful, graceful, happily, friendly, angrily, swiftly, suddenly, darkness, goodness, sadness, kindness, thermometer, hygrometer.
     Science: Weather/Birds
     Math: 10.3 Parallel Lines and Perpendicular Lines, 10.4 Classify Quadrilaterals, Mid-Chapter Checkpoint, 10.5 Line Symmetry, 10.6 Find and Draw Lines of Symmetry, 10.7 Problem Solving.
     Math Homework:  Correlates with the lessons taught above.
     Reading:  Battle of The Books,  Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech.  Your child should also be reading a Newberry Award winner.  Their book report will be due April 25.
     Battle of The Books:  April 12th!!
Have a great week!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News #29

Hello Everyone,
     What a busy, but fantastic week we just finished!!  The Ancestor Reports were amazing!  It was so interesting, to learn about your ancestors!  Remember that this writing assignment, doubled as an Ancestor Book Report!  Your child did a great job!  Now it's up to The Son's of The Utah Pioneers to decide winners from our school!
     The Science Fair was wonderful!!  It always makes me sad when some of the BEST ones, weren't judged, but presented in class!  Remember that the Science Fair Project doubled, as an Informational Book Report!  Congratulations to each and every one of you who put forth the effort to do a project!!  They were fascinating!!  You are all winners!!
     We have been busy, getting ready for the three-day writing test, that our class will take the first part of April!  Students will be required to type one opinion, and one informational piece.  They will read articles and decide what information to use in their writing!  Please allow your child to practice typing as much as they can!
     MATH:  Lessons 9.6 Add Fractional Parts of 10 and 100,  9.7 Compare Decimals, Chapter 9 Review/Test, Chapter 10 Two Dimensional Figures, 10.1 Lines, Rays, and Angles.
     MATH HOMEWORK:  Correlates with the math lessons above.
     SPELLING:  Quiet, quite, angel, angle, already, all ready, desert, dessert, weather, whether, pitcher, picture, loose, lose, aisle, isle, dairy, diary, Deseret, metal.
     SCIENCE: Weather/Birds  Your child will be bringing home their Water Cycle Chamber to do their final test on the Water Cycle.
     READING:  In class we're reading the Battle of The Books, Ruby Holler,  By Sharon Creech.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News #28

Hello One and All,
     Happy St. Patricks Day!!  Don't forget "Art's Night," tonight, Monday, March 17.  Also, the author of the Fable Haven series,  Brandon Mull, is visiting our school today!!! We are so excited!!! You may take your child to Deseret Books tonight, for signing of his books.
     The Ancestor reports were wonderful!!  I will be submitting them to The Son's Of The Utah Pioneers today, for a final judging!! Congratulations!! Your child did a great job!! These reports will  be beneficial next year in 5th grade!  They will do a History Fair, on an ancestor!  It's much like our Science Fair! The hardest part, is already done!!! YAY!!!
     Our next book report is the Science Fair project!   It doubles as an informational book report!  Please remember the Science Fair is this coming Friday, March 21.  Those participating in the actual fair, will set up in the gym, first thing in the morning.  Those who turned in their registration late, will do their project in class that same day!  Thank you for your great support!  This is the last time, our school will be doing a Science Fair!
     Happy Birthday to:  Craig, on the 18th, and Blakely, on the 27th.
     Spelling:  Herd, heard, clothes, close, hour, our, two, too, their, there, ceiling, sealing, shoot, chute, strait, straight, medal, meddle, cumulus, cirrus, nimbus.
     Math:  9.2 Relate Hundredths and Decimals, 9.3 Equivalent Fractions and Decimals, 9.4 Relate Fractions, Decimals, and Money, 9.5 Problem Solving * Money, Mid-Chapter Checkpoint.
     Math Homework: Correlates with the lessons taught above.
     Social Studies: Finish up Spanish Explorers with a"Treasure Hunt."
     Writing:  Opinion writing
     Reading:  Ruby Holler , By  Sharon Creech
Have a great week!!!


Saturday, March 8, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor News #27

Hello Everyone!!
     Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss, Megan, and Spencer!!!  The Green Eggs and Ham were delicious; enjoyed by most everyone in the class! Also, thank you for the Oreo's Mrs. Nakken and Ellie on Oreo's 102nd Birthday!!
     I sure enjoyed your child's SEP!!  Each of them did a great job!! I hope you enjoyed seeing the things your child values most about 4th grade this year!!  I appreciated the positive comments that you made concerning your child's progress!!  I have a great class!! I enjoy them every day!!
     We are going to the Iron County "Water Fair" on Monday, March 10, at 9:00; reading helpers will not be needed that day! Thank you!
     Please remember the "Science Fair" is March 21!!  If your child turned in their registration slip by February 14 they will participate in the Fair! If not, they will still present their project to the class.
     Congratulations to Ellie and Kaden, for doing a great job in the Spelling Bee!
     The Compare/Contrast story your child did, was wonderful!! Great job, editing their work!!
     Most students have turned in their ancestor reports!! They are fabulous!!  A few have shared their reports with the class!! Thank you for your support with these.
     Spelling:  Lazy, volcano, flavor, piano, recent, really, item, pilot, triangle, climate, gigantic, program, obey, puny, prepare, vacant, pulley, menu, science, mathematics.
     Science:  Finish Water Cycle. Start Weather and Birds .
     Social Studies:  Finish Spanish Explorers.  Start Mountain Men.
     Math:  `8.4  Multiply a Fraction or Mixed Number by a Whole Number.  8.5  Problem Solving*Comparison Problems with Fractions.  End of Chapter Test.  9.0 Relate Fractions and Decimals.  9.1  Relate tenths and Decimals.
     Math Homework:  Correlates with the lessons taught above.
     Happy Birthday to:   Craig and Blakely on the 18 and 27!!
Thanks for all of your support!
Have a great week!