Monday, January 27, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News #22

Hello Everyone,
     We are back for another great week!  Linden and Spencer did a fantastic job with the flag raising ceremony!  Kaden did awesome with his report on MLK!  The entire 4th grade classes sang beautifully!  We had a great MLK program!!  Thanks 4th graders!!!
     Mr. Macklin, from Southwest Behavorial Health Center, is following up his presentation today! He always does a fantastic job!  The kids, love having him come!  We have two new students, Kaysha and Israel! We are happy to have them in our class! We're sorry to see Linden leave our school!
     Social Studies: Spanish Explorers, Father Escalante, and Father Dominquez.
     Spelling Words:  Voice, oyster, voyage, annoy, choice, avoid, appoint, enjoy, moisture, noise, drown, amount, fountain, crowded, southwest, thousand, flour, pronounce, riparian, perspiration.
     Math: Fractions and Decimals  6.1 Fraction Equivalence and Comparison,  6.2  Generate Equivalent Fractions, 6.3  Simplest Form, 6.4  Common Denominators.
     Math Homework: Always correlates with the math lesson finished in class.
     Science:  Water Cycle.  Please be thinking about a science project that would work well for you and your child.  We don't have word yet, but I'm thinking it will be in March.  The project is required, and counts as a informational book report.
     Reading:  We are reading "Snow Treasure," By Marie McSwigan, as a class.  Your child should be doing research on a ancestor that is at least two generations away.  It will double as a book report, and Son's of The Utah Pioneers writing competition.  Due February 28.  I'm sending the rubric home today.
     Book Reports:  Report on Ancestor,  Due February 28.
                              Science Fair Project,  Due March 17.
I love your child!! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to being one of your child's advocate's!!
Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reynolds' Raptor's News #20

Hello Everyone!
     I can't hardly believe that we've been in school over half of the school year!!  Your child is amazing!!  Most everyone, has improved in all aspects of learning over these past two quarters!  We do have an after school tutoring program in place, if any of you are interested in signing up your child for extra one-on-one math time.  Also, don't forget Think Central. com!  Everything you may want to learn about Go Math is on that web site!  There are fun games and activities that I'm sure your child would enjoy!  Also, remember to access your child's grades and assignments through Power Grade.
     Math:  5.1 Factors, Multiples, and Patterns, 5.2 Factors and Divisibility, 5.3 Problem Solving Common factors, 5.4 Factors and Multiples 5.5 Prime and Composite Numbers.  Math Homework correlates with the math lesson taught that day.
     Spelling: Cinder, circle, cardinal, cereal, cycle, concert, dancer, celebrate, twice, dangerous, strange, ledge, damage, geography, gentle, signal, regular, sugar, evaporation, condensation.
     Science:  Fish and Water Cycle
     Reading:  Brian's Winter
     Book Report:  The next Book Report will be on an ancestor.  Students should interview family members, research information about an ancestor.  The report will be due by February 14, 2014.  I will send home the rubric, January 25.
     Social Studies:  Spanish Explorers.
A giant THANK YOU!! goes out to all of our reading helpers!! You RoCk!!!
Have a great week!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reynold's Raptors' News #19

Happy New Year Everyone!!
     I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break!  I want to thank each and every one of you, for the most thoughtful gifts and cards!!  They really made my holidays brighter!  Thank you for your awesome support with our Christmas party!!  We really had a great time!!!
     The end of the second quarter is this coming Friday, January 10.  I'm sending home another missing assignments list with your child.  I told them it is their responsibility to check their desks and backpacks for any missing work.  They were also told to finish work that is at home, and bring it back to school before Friday, so that I can enter it into power grade.  Remembering to put their name on their work has been quite an issue this year!  Hopefully, they will remember to put their name on their work;)
     Happy Birthday:  Noah  January 7th!
     Book Report:  Due, January 9th!  I pushed it back four days!
     Spelling Words:  Also, bought, cough, almost, false, officer, soft, stalk, halt, faucet, saucer, caution, lawyer, awesome, stall, crawl, awful, because, happy, New, Year.
     Math:  4.10 Place the First Digit, 4.11 Divide by One Digit Numbers, 4.12 Problem Solving*Multi step Division Problems, Chapter 4 Review and Test. Chapter 5.1 Factors, Multiples, and Patterns.
     Math Homework: Correlates with Math lessons completed in class.
     Social Studies:  Finishing up Indian Tribes of Utah.  Start Spanish Explorers.
     Science:  Finished Amphibians.  Started Fish, and The Water Cycle.
     Reading:  In class we're finishing Brian's Winter , By Gary Paulsen.  We will continue the book I gave them for Christmas, and Battle of The Books, book,  Snow Treasure, By Marie McSwigan.
Have a great New Year!!!