Monday, December 16, 2013

Reynolds' Raptor's News #17

Hello Everyone!
      I hope you are enjoying your cute "Rag Christmas Trees!"  Your child had fun making them for you!  We incorporated "Math Measurement," in this activity!!  A giant THANK YOU goes out to each of our reading helpers!! Thanks for helping us improve our reading fluency and comprehension!!  We'll see you again next year, 2014!!
     Our special Battle of The Books Read-a-thon is today from 2:00-3:15!! I'm so happy that each of our students qualified for this fun activity with Mr. Oldroyd and Ms. Marriot!!  We have read three of the books in class, and gave a report on individual books read.  Your student should be reading another battle of the books, book to report on January 6, 2014.
     Happy Birthday to Brock!! December 23!!
     Spelling:  Leaf, leaves, wolf, wolves, potato, potatoes, roof, roofs, family, families, library, libraries, journey, journeys, hero, heroes, ditch, ditches, quotient, remainder.
     Math: 4.7 Divide Using Repeated Subtraction,  4.8 Divide Using Partial Quotients,  4.9 Model Division with Regrouping, 4.10 Place the First Digit.  Homework is connected to the daily math lesson taught.
     Social Studies:  Finish up Indian Tribes of Utah.
     Science: Amphibians
     Christmas Party: Friday, December 20.  Pajama Day!  Read-A-Thon!  Treats! Movie!
Merry Christmas!!!  Happy New Year !!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Reynolds' Raptor's News #16

Hello Everyone,

     I hope everyone is enjoying your Christmas present from your child!  We needed to send them home early, so they could be enjoyed during the entire Christmas season!  It was actually a math measurement activity/Christmas present!
     We only have two more weeks until Christmas break! I can hardy believe how time flies.  We will have a Christmas  party Friday, December 20!  Your child may have signed you up to donate something for this! If you are unable to provide something, please let me know! Thank you, in advance!!  It will also be a"Pajama Day!"
     Spelling:  Early, earth, search, service, wonder, surface, curly, shirt, thirty, doctor, sailor, shower, bakery, another, barber, collar, worse, world, dividend, divisor.
     Math: 4.4 Divide tens, Hundreds, and Thousands, 4.5 Estimate Quotients using Compatible Numbers, 4.6 Division and the Distributive Property.
Math Homework: Correlates with the daily Math Lessons.
     Social Studies:  We will finish up Indian Tribes by Christmas break.
     Science: Amphibians
     Reading: We have started reading "Brian's Winter," sequel to "Hatchet," by Gary Paulsen.
Monday, Dec. 16th will be a Read-A-Thon with Mr. Oldroyd for those who have done, two Battle of The Books Reports.  Our entire class is eligible to participate.  Participants will also be able to wear their pajama's.
     Book Report:  Our next book report will be another Battle of the Books, book.  It will be due, January 6.
     Thanks to all of the Reading Helpers!!! I appreciate all that you do!  Please take this week and next week off!  Have a great week!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Reynolds' Raptor's News #15

Hello Everyone!!
     I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday!  We will only be in school for three more weeks until Christmas !!  I can hardly believe it!!  This school year is going by so very fast!!!  I guess that's an indication that we are having a great year!!  Time always seems to fly, when your having fun!!
     Heads-up for December: Your child will be making a Christmas present for you, in which they will need 1yd. of tear-able fabric.  It can be old Levis, skirts, shirts, or new fabric, as long as there is 1yd. and it is tear-able.  Please send it to school this week, as the present they are making you, will be something you can display during the whole month!  Thank you!
     Birthdays:  Happy Birthday to John Dec.7, and Brock Dec.23.
     Book Reports:  Our Scrumptious Book Reports were delicious!! Sorry, but only half the class will get full credit for having it ready on time.  10 points will be subtracted for each day, it is past due.
     The next book report will be due,  January 6th.  It will be on another Battle of The Books book .
     Reading:  Our class will finish up "Hatchet" then go straight into it's sequel, "Brian's Winter."
     Spelling:  Cleaner, cleanest, bigger, biggest, earlier, earliest, quicker, quickest, busier, busiest, rougher, roughest, heavier, heaviest, happier, happiest, lazier, laziest, Christmas, Thanksgiving.
     Math: Chapter 4.1 Divide By One Digit Numbers, 4.2 Remainders, 4.3 Interpret Remainders, 4.4 Divide Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands, 4.5 estimate Quotients Using Compatible Numbers.
Please remember that the Math Homework parallels with the daily math lesson.
     Socials Studies:  Indian Tribes of Utah
     Science:  Amphibians
     Due:  November Reading Logs and November Journal Jots.  Also A Scrumptious Book Report.
Thank you for your great support!!!  I can't do it alone!!! You are all wonderful!!!

Reynolds' raptor's News #14