Monday, October 28, 2013

Reynold's Raptor's News #10

Hello Everyone!!
     Happy Birthday to Ellie!!
     Science:  We will be making anatomically correct "Edible Insects" as our insect test.  We need a few items in order to make them:  Two packages of large marshmallows, one bag of chocolate chips, one bag of potato chips, one bag of pull apart Twizzlers or Red Vines, one bag of stick pretzels, one can of white frosting, one small bottle of peanut butter, twenty-five paper plates, and twenty-five plastic cups.  Your child will sign you up to furnish something.  If you are unable to donate, please let your child know.  Thank you!!
     Social Studies:  We are starting our Indian Tribes of Utah unit!  Your child needs to bring the largest apple you can find.  We will be carving Indian heads for dolls out of them.  A piece of felt, and one large ball of yarn.  We will be weaving belts to be worn during our tribes unit.  The sooner these items get here, the faster your child can start weaving and carving!  Thank you for your support!
     Field Trip:  We will be going to the Frontier Homestead Museum on Friday, Nov. 1.  We will take a bus there, eat a sack lunch on the park, then walk back to school.  We will be involved in many Native American and Pioneer activities while there.  We have plenty of parent helpers that have signed up to go with this. Thank you!!
     Math:  We have started Chapter 3, in Go Math!! Your child should have torn out all homework pages, completed, and  returned them to school, through 2.12.  3.1 Multiply 2-Digit Numbers, 3.2 Estimate, 3.3 Area Models and Partial Products, 3.4 Multiply Using Partial Products.
     Book Reports:  Bibliographies are due this Thursday, October 31.  Your child may bring their props or dress-ups with them to school.
     Spelling: Across, alone, among, brother, again, front, banana, appear, compass, pedal, given, heaven, mountain, ocean, cousin, purchase, often, color, insects, spiders.
     Have a great week!!!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reynolds' Raptor's News #9

Hello Everyone!
     I hope you enjoyed the five days off, as much as I did!!  The end of the 1st quarter was October 16th.  I will send home a progress report with your child on Friday!  Please sign and return it.  This week is Red Ribbon Week!  Tuesday is:" Crazy Hair Day," Wednesday is: "Non-Matching Shoes and Socks Day," Thursday is: "Pajama Day," and Friday is: "South Shirt and Glasses Day".
     Math: 2.11 Multiply 3-Digit and 4-Digit Numbers with Regrouping, and 2.12 Solve Multi-step Problems Using Equations.  Math homework, correlates with the math lessons taught.
     Spelling: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, January, February, March, April, May June, July, August, September, October, November, December, holiday, calendar, minute, second, season, autumn, year, minerals, crystals.
     Science:  Insects and Spiders. Compare the two.
     Reading: Our class is reading "Hatchet," By Gary Paulsen.  Your child should be preparing to give a Bibliography Book Report, Due Thursday, October 31st.
     Social Studies:  We will start our "Indian Tribes of Utah" unit.  We will carve apples instead of pumpkins, on Halloween.  Please send the largest apple you can find, to school with your child, that day. We will make "Indian Doll Heads."   Nov. 1st,  we will start weaving our Indian belts.  Your child needs a skein of yarn wound in a ball, and put in a gallon Zip-Lock Bag, with his/her name on it.
     Field Trip:  Nov. 1st, 4th graders will take a bus to, The Frontier Homestead!  We will eat school lunch at the city park, then walk back to the school.  Our 4th grade level needs a total of 7 parent helpers.  If you are willing, and able to help.  Please contact me by email, or phone 435-592-4892.
Thanks for all that you do, to support me, and your child!!
Have a great week!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reynold's Rapter's News #8

Hello Everyone!!
     It was great, visiting with each of you,  during SEPs!  We had 100% attendance!! That shows what great support you parents are!!  Thank you for that!
     Spelling: Follow, matter, summer, million, dollar, scissors, cattle, dress, office, suppertime, blizzard, penny, wrapper, wallet, occurrence, village, collide, battle, coniferous, deciduous.
     Math:  Chapters 2.8, 2.9, 2.10.  We are still trying to figure out all of the new ways to break apart numbers and how to think, outside the box!!  It's coming along slowly!  Your child will bring the torn out pages of homework home, and leave their books at school.  It has been too easy, to forget to bring back their books to school!  Your child is enrolled with Go Math on Think Central.  You can access our Math Book, Practice  or Homework Book, plus many activities for your child to play, learn, and quiz themselves.  Process:  Google Think  Click on the option for students, teachers and administrators.  Sign in User Name ex.  firstandlastname.   Pin: gomath  Click on My Library.  Have fun, exploring great Math activities!
     Reading:  We just finished reading "Sing Down The Moon," by Scott O' Dell.  Your child should be reading a biography, getting ready to report on Oct. 31.  They will dress-up like the person, or use props when presenting their book report.  Also, your child should be reading a Battle of The Books book.  Please remind your child, to return the September Reading Log!
     Science:  We have finished dinosaurs and fossils.  We have started land zones, and indigenous plants of Utah.  We are making evidence pages, using the plant samples we found on Cedar Mountain.
Have a great week!!!