Monday, September 23, 2013

Reynolds' Raptor's News #6

Hello Everyone!

     It was the first time in twelve years, that no one caught a frog, at Navajo Lake!  But, it was the first time in twelve years, that someone caught a fish!!  Cooper caught a minnow with his net!!  What a fun field trip, mud and all!!  We visited the different landzones and learned about their elevation, indigenous plants and animal habitats.
     I hope everyone has seen their SEP schedule.  Most have returned them.  The schedule is as follows:
Mon. Sept. 30  2:30- Craig,  2:45-Ashtyn, 3:00- Brock,  3:15-                    ,  3:30 -Daxton,   3:45- T.J.,  4:00 Brody,  4:15 - Linden 
Tues. Oct. 1 8:30 -Tasha,  2:30 -Blakely,  2:45 -Alexa,  3:00 -Abby,  3:15- Laurinda,  3:30- Austin,  3:45- Bryce  4:30- Kaden
Wed. Oct. 2 8:30 -Ellie,  2:30- Mckenzie,  2:45- John,  3:00- Laura,  3:15- Sadie,  3:30 -Maddie,  3:45- Megan,  4:00- Spencer
Thurs. 4:00-Cooper
Fri. 8:30-Noah
I'm excited to get to visit with each of you!
     Spelling: Strong, wrong, copy, cloth, problem, October, whole, explode, control, shown, bowl, bottom, smoky, coach, throat, toast, doughnut, foe, elevation, indigenous.
     Math:  Multiplying by One Digit Numbers, Algebra, Multiply Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands, Estimate products.
     Math Homework: 2.1, 2.3, 2.4.
     Science:  Fossils. Landzones.
     Science:  We've had two Tiger Salamanders, Ten Polywogs that turned to Toads, and now a Lizard!  We are having some hands-on science lessons on animals!  The S.U.U. Biology professor Dr. Hansen, brought several of his students to south, along with a Garden Snake,  Collarded Lizard,  and Tarantula.  Dr. Hansen talked to us about their adaptations and habitats.  It was really interesting!!
     Art:  Our Art teacher has done a fabulous job!!  We made land zone collages, and ink prints!
     Reading:  Our class is reading Sing Down The Moon By Scott O' Dell.
     Mystery Book Report: Due September 30.  Our next book report will be on a famous person.  A Bibliography.  We will get to dress up like the person.  It will be due around Halloween.
Have a great week!!! Thanks to our Reading Helpers!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reynold's Raptor's News #5

Hello Everyone!

     Field Trip:  Tuesday, September 17.  Please remember to put money in your child's lunch account!  Students should wear old sneaker type shoes and older clothing.  Please bring a light jacket in case of inclement weather.  Snack, water bottle, hand sanitizer is also appreciated.
     Reminder: No "Reading Helpers," on Tuesday because of field trip!
     Spelling:  Since, which, inch, string, title, shrimp, picnic, mind, wild, decide, why, skyscraper, buy, right, lightning, write, cypress, bicycle, forest, desert, wetland.
     Math:  Subtracting Whole Numbers, More Problem Solving.  Math Homework coincides with math lessons 1.7 & 1.8.
     Science:  Fossils & mineral replacement.
     Reading:  Your child should be finishing up a "Mystery Reading Book."  The Rubric was sent home last Thursday Sept. 12.  Book Report is due September 30.  Battle of The Books list was sent home Friday the 13th.  You may choose a few books to read with/to your child.  Your child will also be reading books from the list in class and by themselves.  We will have several book reports due on different Battle Books.
     Social Studies:  We will be studying Utah History this year.  We will start out with Utah's Symbols, then counties.
     SEPs:  September 30-Oct. 4. Please watch for your appointment slip.  I look forward to your visit!
Have a great week!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Reynold's Raptor's News #4

Hello Everyone!!

     Picture day is today!!! Monday, Sept. 9th.  Also, don't forget our Back To School Bash tonight from 5:30-8:00.  Buy your punch card early, 8:30-9:00 & 3:15-4:00!   The Bash Dash, will award your child with five extra card punches!!
     Reading Helpers start today!  Our students have been "Bench Marked,"  and put into Reading Groups.  Our field Trip has been cancelled, because of the weather.  It has been rescheduled for Tuesday, September 17.  So no Reading helpers on that day!
     Spelling:  Then, else, edge, when, tenth, empty, sketch, easy, eager, sneakers, mean, fifteen, receive, piece, believe, spelling, people, squeeze.
      Safety First:  Parents, your child will NOT be allowed to walk out to your car in the parking lot!  Please walk over to them, and take them safely back to your car! How horrible would you feel, if you motioned for your child to cross the parking lot, and they were hit by a car!  Please, be aware of this safety issue, and put your child first! Thank you!
     Math:  Your student should be taking home his/her math homework book every night, and returning it to school every day.  Assignments should be completed through 1.6.  Thank you for your help at home.  We're getting used to our new, "Go Math." 
     Reading: Your child should be reading a mystery book.  I'm sending home the rubric for the Mystery Book Report, Due, Monday, September 30th. Our class just finished reading "Sign Of The Beaver" one of our Battle Of The Books this year.  A list of Battle of the Books will come home today also.  You may read it to your child, or they may read it alone.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Reynold's Raptor news #3

Hello Everyone!
     I hope you enjoyed your Labor Day weekend!!  If you have not yet, filled out the new registration form and returned it to school with your child, please do so.  They were sent home at back To School Night, in the take home folder. 
     Our class is in charge of raising the flag, lunch workers, and hall monitors this week.  Only those who have returned their permission to work in the lunchroom will be allowed to do so.  They will receive free school lunch on those days that they serve.
     Our literacy group have not yet bench marked our class.  I'm unable to group them until this is done.  Therefore, we won't start reading helpers, until next week!  I will call those who signed up to help, on Friday, to let you know for sure.
     Spelling:  fact, began, clasp, rapid, able, later, space, stranger, grade, display, main, explain, freight, neighbor, weigh, vein, April, ankle, Utah, Raptor's.
     Math:  Rounding Numbers  1:4   Renaming Numbers  1:5   Add Whole Numbers 1:6  Problem Solving  1:7
     Science:  All About Dinosaurs, Fossils.  Land Zones. We have a salamander, some tadpoles and toads, in our classroom.  We will study Amphibians and Reptiles along the way.
     Reading:  Our class is reading "Sign of The Beaver ," By Elizabeth George Speare.
September's Reading Calendar will be sent home on Tuesday!
     Picture Day:  Monday, September 9.  Please send money packets to school with your child.
     Back To School Bash:  Monday, September 9, 5:30-8:00P.M.
     Field Trip:  Friday, September 13  Navajo Lake!!  Land Zones, catch frogs!!!
Have a great week!!!