Friday, April 19, 2013

Reynolds' Raptor's News #32

Hello Everyone,
     It's that time of the year again! Testing time!  Our class will be testing everyday this week. Our schedule goes as follows:
Mon. April 22  Language Arts  1:00-2:30
Tues. April 23  Language Arts  1:00-2:30
Wed. April 24  Math 9:00-10:30
Thurs. April 25 Math 9:00-10:30
Fri. April 26 Science 10:30-12:00 and 1:00-2:00
On Monday, the 22nd, I will make a pancake/sausage breakfast for the class. Some students have signed- up to bring extra items. Syrup-Abby and Luke,  Milk-Chris, Cups-Seth, Orange Juice-McCrae and Makell C., Apple Juice and Plates Taylor, Chocolate Chips-McKelle, Whipping Cream-Trev Dog, Forks-Jinger.  Please let me know if you are unable to donate before Monday morning.  Please make sure your child gets to bed early every night and gets a good breakfast every morning.
Thank You in advance, for your support with this special breakfast!
Calendar of Events:
Testing   April 22-April 26
Library Books Due  April 29-May3
Take Home Leveled Books Due May 2
Zion Field Trip Friday,  May 3
Meeting of The Railroads  Friday May 10
Wax Museum Wednesday, May 15
4th Grade Program, Thursday, May 16  2:30 -Gym
Battle of the Books,  Friday, May 17
Reading Celebration  Monday, May 20 1:30-2:10
Field Day Tuesday, May 21 All Day
Have a great week!! Thanks for all that you do!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reynold's Raptor's News #30

Hello Everyone,

     Today was the last day our student teacher, Tanna Orton was here. We will miss her.
Arts Night is tonight at 6:30 P.M. Come watch our students perform and see their artwork!
     We will start End of level Tests April 22, with Language Arts. Please don't schedule vacations or outside activities during the testing window.  We want our students to be able to do their best.  Please make sure that your child gets a good nights sleep, and a healthy breakfast each day.
     Spelling:  Multiply, imagination, favorite, computer, citizenship, invisible, undercover, enjoyment, discussion, America, unusual, example, melody, temperature, understanding, experiment, explanation, oxygen, hygrometer, barometer.
     Math:   Review all past taught concepts.
     Science:  Weather, Mammals,  Review
     Social Studies:  Mountain Men.  Rendezvous on Friday, April 12.  Your child can bring items from home to sale, (Using their earned tickets) and trade: Toys, jewelry, hand-made crafts, food, clothing, posters, games, trinkets, misc. etc.
     Reading:  We have finished reading, There's A Boy in The Girl's Bathroom, and will start Night Of The Twisters.  We are reading books for Battle of The Books , held in May.
     4th Grade program: Thursday, May 16th, 2:30P.M.
     I can hardly believe that we are so close to the end of the year.  I have loved teaching your child this year. Thank you for your great support!!