Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reynolds' Raptor's News # 17

Hello Everyone!
     I want to express a giant THANK YOU to:   ShaLiece Corry, Jennifer Brinkerhoff, Heather Mumford, Melissa Cocchia, and Terri Cook for teaching awesome activities for our 4th grade classes with Frontier Homestead!  There were nine activities that depicted the same type of activites used by The Indian Tribes and Utah Pioneers.
      Also a giant THANK YOU to our parent helpers:  Kimberly Holyoak, Nicole Washburn, SheLiece Corry, Lynette Roundy, JoAnn Brunson, Amber Nielsen, and Lisa Blodgett! I couldn't do it without your help!  We won't be needing parent helpers again, until January 7, 2013.
     To each and EVERY ONE of you! Thank you for your great support!!! Your child and I could not be so successful without YOUR HELP!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!
     Spelling:  Leaf, leaves, wolf, wolves, potato, potatoes, roof, roofs, family, families, library, libraries, journey, journeys, hero, heroes, ditch, ditches, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore.
     Math:  Fractions, Equivalent,  Reduced, Lowest Terms.
     Social Studies: Indian Tribes of Utah
     Science:  Deserts and reptiles.
     We will be having a Read-A-Thon on Friday, December 22.  Your child may wear pajamas, and bring a pillow and blanket.  We will also have some healthy, and not so healthy snacks.  Your child may have signed up to bring something.  If you are unable to furnish something, no worries, just please let me know.
I sure love teaching your child! What a darling class I have!!!  They have wonderful parents too:)
Have a great week!!
Karla Reynolds