Monday, November 26, 2012

Reynolds' Raptor's News #15

     Hello Everyone,
     I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  I know I sure did:)
     We put the faces on our Indian Dolls, and need a piece of felt, any color, to clothe them with.
     We will be making you a Christmas present that your child will need 3/4 yd. of tear-able fabric. Old Levis, old COTTON shirts, skirts, or dresses work well. New fabric is great too!  Your child     will use this as a "Measuring Math" activity, as well as a gift for you.
     Spelling: Cleaner, cleanest, bigger, biggest, earlier, earliest, quicker, quickest, busier, busiest, rougher, roughest, heavier, heaviest, happier, happiest, lazier, laziest, Christmas, reindeer.
     Reading:  We have finished reading "Brian's Winter" and have started "Brian's Hunt."  Your child is reading a book in his/her reading group.  He/she should have been reading a Newberry Award Book at home, that will be given as their book report.  Congratulations, to McCrae for moving up 2 levels in Reading, Kinzi for moving up 1 level, and Madeline for moving up 2 levels! Hip, Hip Hooray!!!!
     Book Reports are due Friday, November 30.  I sent the format of the book report home with your child today.
     Math: Long Division,  and measurement.  Spirals of past- taught math concepts.
     Social Studies:  Indian Tribes of Utah.
Thanks so much for your great support!!!! You are awesome parents!!!!
Karla Reynolds

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reynolds' Raptor's News Week #14

HaPPy ThAnSGiVing EvEryOnE!!!!
   We are learning about Insects. They live in all land zones, in top soil as well as on land.  We have learned that insects have three body parts: ( Head, thorax, abdomen) six legs, two compound eyes, two antennae, exoskeletons, some have wings, some have stingers.  We will make edible insects that will be anatomically correct. Thanks to McKelle, Josh, Hannah, Jennesa, Jack, Chris, Abby, Brandon, and Luke for donating supplies for this exciting activity!!!!
No spelling or math homework this short week!!! Reading, as usual!! 30 mins. everyday!! Congratulations to Luke and Katelyn for moving up four grade levels in reading, and Jacob for moving up three levels!!!!!
Parents, Thank you for your great support!!! I love your child!!!!
Karla Reynolds

Monday, November 12, 2012

Reynolds' Raptor's News #13

Hello Everyone!!
     We are doing well in our different Indian Tribes. Some of us have finished weaving our belts already! Our carved apple heads are drying in the sun, so that we can make our Indian Doll Heads out of them.  We are earning points for good behavior and turned in work with our names on them.  The winning tribe for the day, earns a star on their canoe and a piece of candy. The tribe with the most stars at the end of the week, earns their favorite candy bar or soda pop. So far, the Utes have earned their favorite soda.  There is a tie breaker today, between the Utes, Paiutes, and Shoshone Tribes.
     Science:  Utah Soils: Clay, Silt, Sand, and Loam. Utah's Water Van came and presented a wonderful lesson on the Water Cycle. They brought a Garter Snake, and a Tiger Salamander.
     Spelling:  Lived, living, rattled, rattling, studied, studying, traveled, traveling, changed, changing, appeared, appearing, raced, racing, hoped, hoping, wrapped wrapping, dividend, denominator, quotient.
     Math:  Long Division  Acronym: Dad=Divide, Mom=Multiply, Sister=Subtract, Brother=Bring Down, Rover=Remainder.  Three of our students competed in the "Calculator Math," along with nine others from our 4th grade classes! Trevor Nielsen, Brandon Foley, and Abby Davis! Congratulations!
     Reading:  Newberry Award Winner for Book Report, Due Nov. 29th.
In class reading "Brian's Winter" By Gary Paulson. Thirty minute reading groups.  Students read a book on their reading level in their group.  I work with a group daily during interventions.
Have a great week!!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Reynolds' Raptor's News Week#12

Hello everyone,
     Wow! Week #11 came and went so fast, I didn't get to post anything.  It's hard to believe that we are already in our 12th week!!!
     Our Mystery Book Reports went very well!!!  Thank you for your support with this!!! Your child's next book report will be on a Newberry Award Winner.  Most students have already chosen a book from the library and are reading it.  The report will be due Thursday, Nov. 29. I will send a rubric home before Thanksgiving.
     Thank you so much for donating items for our "Edible Soil Profiles," and Witches' Brew!!!  We had a great time learning about science as well as celebrating Halloween!!! Thanks so much!!!!
     We have divided up into The Five Indian Tribes of Utah!!!  Thanks so much for sending a large apple for your child's"Indian Doll Head," and a skein of yarn for weaving a belt!!!  This is a fun learning opportunity for our social studies unit!!  If any of you are qualified to teach us about the Ute, Paiute, Goshiute, Shoshone, or Navajo tribes, please let me know!!! We'd love to hear from you!!!
     Spelling: Anyone, however, everything, himself, birthday, herself, somewhere, afternoon, chalkboard, daydream, downstairs, grandparents, breakfast, outfield, scarecrow, nobody, dragonfly, keyboard, Goshiute, Shoshone, and Navajo.
     Math:  Double digit multiplication.  Three of our students have qualified to participate in our annual Calculator Math Competition.  Trevor, Elizabeth, and Jacee.  They will compete with the winners of the other 4th grade classes, to go on to the district level!!!!  Congratulations to them, and good luck!!!!!!!
     Reading:  Class reading, "Brian's Winter" By Gary Paulsen.  Reading groups.
     Science: The Living Planet Water Van will visit 4th grades on Thursday, Nov. 8.  We have almost finished our Rocks, Minerals, and Soil units.
Thanks for all that you do!!!!! A giant THANK-YOU to our Reading Helpers!!!!!
Have a great week!!!!!