Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reynold's Raptor's News #10

Hello Everyone,
     I hope you had a wonderful fall break!!!
     Social Studies:  We will be starting our Utah Indian Tribes unit this week!  Your child will be a part of either The Ute, Paiute, Goshiute, Shoshone, or Navajo Tribe.  We will make shrunkin Indian- Head Dolls. (With apples) Weave Indian belts, (with one skein of yarn rolled into a ball,) and make Indian Rain Sticks.
     Science: Land zones, plants, animals, soil profile.
     Spelling: Across, alone, among, brother, again, front, banana, appear, compass, pedal, given, heaven, mountain, ocean, cousin, purchase, often, color, Halloween, and Utah.
     Math: Double-Digit Multiplication and simple Division.
     Reading: "Brian's Winter," By Gary Paulson (Whole class)  Mystery Books (Individual)  30 minutes during class, 30 mins. at home.
     Field Trip: Thursday, October 25th. To the S.U.U. Braithwaite Art Gallery.
     Red Ribbon Week!!!
     Have a great week!!!
Love, Karla

Monday, October 15, 2012

Reynolds' Raptor's News #9

Hello Everyone,
     This week is a short one, so no spelling.  Along with our edible soil profile and Mystery book reports for Oct. 30, we will be carving apple-heads instead of pumpkins.  Please send the largest apple you can find with your child that day.  We will make shrunkin' Indian head dolls.  They go along with our social studies unit, of the five Indian tribes of Utah.  We will also weave indian belts during the month of Nov.,  Please send skein of yarn wound into a ball,  in a zip lock bag with your child's name on it.  Thank you so much for your great support!
Have a very enjoyable Harvest Holiday!!!! No school, until Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Reynolds' Raptors' News Week#8

Hello Everyone,
     Reading:  Our "Here's The Scoop" book reports were awesome!!!  Your child should be reading a "Mystery Book" that they will report on Tuesday, Oct. 30.  I will be sending home the rubric a week prior to when it is due.  We have finished reading Hatchet By Gary Paulson, and have started reading Brian's Winter, by the same author. Reading Groups in our classroom during Interventions.
A GIANT THANK YOU to our Reading Helpers!!!! You Rock!!!!!
     Science:  We have been filling out evidence pages, of indigenous plants of Utah, that we took samples of, while on our field trip.  We are still studying Rocks and Minerals, then will start our soil unit.
     Spelling:  Follow, matter, summer, million, dollar, scissors, cattle, address, office, suppertime, blizzard, penny, wrapper, wallet, occurrence, village, collide, battle, plants, indigenous.
     Writing: "Save A Little Summer" and "In The Haunted House I Saw"  September Journal Jots!
Thank you for helping edit your child's "Save A Little Summer" pages!  Please critique the September Journal Jots and send them back to class. Thank you!
     Math:  Double digit multiplication, changing fractions to decimals, number lines, reading a thermometer, factors, prime and compound numbers.  Please continue tohelp your child with multiplication tables 1's through 12's.
     Picture Retakes:  Monday, Oct. 15.
     Halloween Party:  We will be making edible soil profiles and eating them for breakfast.  Your child has volunteered you to donate something towards this science activity.  If you are unable to donate, please let me know.  Thank You ahead of time:)
    Happy Columbus Day!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Reynold's Raptor's News #7

Hello Everyone!
     Our field trip to The Canyon Park, The Water Shed, Woods Ranch and Navajo Lake was AWESOME!!! We had a very educational, fun, and exciting day!  Thanks to Todd Lloyd for sharing with us his expertise in Cedar City's water supply!!! Thanks to Lisa Blodgett for moral support and chaperoning!!! We learned about rocks and minerals, erosion and weathering, indigenous plants of Utah, wetlands, elevation, coniferous and deciduous forests, land zones, bogs and frogs! Check out the pictures we took on the previous post!
     SEP week!  I'm looking forward to visiting with each of you about your student.  Please arrive at your appointment and leave on time, so that everyone is effectively and efficiently served. Thank you!
     Spelling:  Blush, crutch, crunch, grumpy, much, umpire, uncle, none, does, fuel, cute, cubicle, human, future, usual, uniform, used, beautiful, deciduous, coniferous.
     LA: Alphabetizing
     Math: Understanding Multiplication
     Book Reports: Battle of the Books, book.  Our next book report will be a "Mystery Book." Most students have already checked out a mystery book from the library.
     Remember school ends at 2:30 EACH DAY, including Wednesday!!
Have a great week!!!! Don't you just love Fall???