Monday, September 24, 2012

Reynolds' Raptor's News #6

Hello Everyone!
Last week got away from me.  Sorry about that:(

This week's spelling words are: Strong, wrong, copy, cloth, problem, October, whole, explode, control, shown, bowl, bottom, smoky, coach, throat, toast, doughnut, foe.
Math:  The Meaning of Multiplication
Science: Rocks and Minerals.  Land Zones, Indigenous plants and animals of Utah
Reading: "Hatchet" By Gary Paulson  This is a class read, and also a Battle of The Books, book.
Reading Helpers: A GIANT THANK YOU!!! I couldn't do it without your help!!!
Book Report:  Your child should have been reading a Battle of The Books,  book, on his/her level for the past month.  I have sent home last Friday, the rubric and ice-cream materials your child needs to do his/her book report. Due Friday, September 28.
Intervention Reading Groups: Start this Thursday, September 27.
Field Trip:  Is this Friday, September 28.  Please remember to dress in layers, in older clothes and shoes.  Please make sure your child's lunch account is current, as everyone will eat a sack lunch prepared by our lunch help that day. Hand sanitizer, and 4 plastic grocery bags, will help keep the bus and our hands clean!
I'm excited to visit with each of you and your child next week at SEPs:)
THANKS for your great support!! You're awesome!!!
Karla Reynolds

Monday, September 10, 2012


Wow! I can't believe we're in our 4th week of school already!!!
Thanks to Mrs. Merriot and her reading aides, "Bench Marks" have been processed and your child knows their individual reading level!!  We also started our class"Reading Helpers" today! Thank you so much for your volunteer time!!!
Today is Picture Day and the Back to School Bash!!
Spelling: Then, else, edge, when, tenth, empty, sketch, easy, eager, sneakers, mean, fifteen, receive, piece, believe, spelling, people, squeeze, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic.
Language Arts:  Possessives
Math:  Rounding
Science: Rocks and Minerals
Thanks for your great support at home!!!
Have a great week!!
Love, Karla Reynolds

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reynolds' Raptors' News' #3

Hello Everyone!
 I hope you had a relaxing Labor Day! I apologize for this late blog, but my internet has been down for a week.  I am on a visitors site as we speak!  I hope you are checking your child's grades at least weekly, as we are about to end the third week of school already! 
Picture Day: is this Monday, September 10.  It is also "The Back To School Bash" from 5:30P.M.-8:00P.M.
Book Report: Battle of The Books book report due, September 28.  Your child should have brought home a list of books to choose from. Some students have already chosen a book from our school library.
Spelling: Fact, began, clasp, rapid, able, later, space, stranger, grade, display, main, explain, freight, neighbor, weigh, vein, April, ankle, volcano, mineral.
Math: Adding and subtracting whole numbers, estimation.
Science: Rocks and Minerals.
Field Trip: Navajo Lake Friday, September 28th all day!
Social Studies:  Utah State Song, The Pledge of Allegiance, poems and raps applicable to science and math.
Reading: Hatchet as a class!
Language Arts: Common/Proper Nouns, Compound Words,  Contactions
Have a great week!!!