Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Reynolds' Raptor's News December 3, 2018

Hello Everyone,

I can't believe it's December already!!  We are almost through the first half of the year!  Thank you for your great support in helping your child with his/her book report!  They turned out well!  Students will check-out another Battle Book tomorrow in library to read for the next Book Report due after Christmas break!  It will be in the form of a cereal box, so please save  your cereal boxes.

Thank you for sending the apple for the Indian Doll, yarn for the belt, and fabric for your Christmas gift.  I hope to send the gift home on Wednesday, so you may display it during the holidays.

Saturday, December 1 Happy Birthday Oliver!!!

We will finish our first Math Book by the end of the week!
We will start Chapter 6 on Thursday, December 6

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Reynolds' Raptor's News! November 14, 2018

Hello Everyone!!

I just want to shout a giant THANK YOU! to Carmen Morris, Melanie Green, and Cami Bettridge for your great help at Frontier Homestead.   We had a great time playing a Card Game, Checkers, Double Ball, School House, Cat & Mouse Game, Stage Coach, and Horse Shoes!  Then, on to the Park for lunch, playing in the leaves and on the playground.  We took a photo at S.U.U. too!  Fun times for all!!
Thanks to all of you for your great support!! Thanks for sending an apple and yarn for our "Indian Dolls" and "Woven Belts!!"

Our next Book Report is that of a "Battle Book!"  Your child should be reading a book selected from the Battle List.  They will present them written on a form that is shaped like an Indian Tepee. They are due Friday, November 30.

Thinking Ahead!!  We will be making "Christmas Gifts" for parents.   Please send 1 yard of fabric of your choice with your child, to school.  The fabric needs to be tear- able.  Cotton is a great choice!  Old "Levis" work well also!  We would like for you to be able to enjoy this gift during the holidays, so we will make them as early as November 30!  Thank you for your great support!!!

November 21-Happy Birthday to Rylan !! We will celebrate Nov.  20th!
November 25-Happy Birthday Bodhi!! We will celebrate Nov. 26th!
November 21-25  Happy Thanksgiving!!! No School!
November 30 Battle Book Reports Due!  Indian Tepee Format
December 1 Happy Birthday Oliver!! We will celebrate Friday, Nov. 30th! Math:
Wednesday November 14,  Chapter 4 Review/Test
Thursday, November 15, Chapter 4 Test
Friday, November 16, Chapter 5.0 &5.1 FActors, Multiples, and Patterns
Monday, November 19, 5.2 Factors and Divisibility
Tuesday, November 20,  5.3 Problem Solving * Common Factors
Monday, November 26, Mid-Chapter Checkpoint
Tuesday, November 27 5.4 Factors and Multiples
Wednesday, November 28 5.5 Prime and Compostite Numbers
Thursday, November 29 5,6 Number Patterns
Friday, November 30 Chapter 5 Review/Test

CKLA: The Middle Ages
Writing: If You Lived During The Middle Ages...

Science:  Reptiles/Deserts

Social Studies:
Five Indian Tribes of Utah
Make Indian Dolls, Weave Belts, Write Stories using the first Emoji's (Pictographs), Watch a video By Mrs. Greymountain, doing the "Jingle Dress Dance" and  playing "The Moccasin Game."  Telling us legends of "The Beaver and The Rabbit."  " Why The Bear is Brown or Black" Learn how to play Recorders!! (Indian Flutes)
Rolling down hills at S.U.U.

Buried in Leaves

It's Raining Leaves!

Mrs. Bettridge and Tayli

Mrs. Green and Bradeigh

Cat and Dog Game

Horse Shoes


School House

School House

Double Ball

Card Game

Story Time

Biography Book ReportsMartin Luther King, Walt Disney, Dolly Madison, Amelia Aerheart, Sakagawea, Elvis Presley

Martin Luther King,Jr. , Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, The girl who struck out Babe Ruth, Babe Ruth,  Derek Jeter

Clara Barton, Anna Pavlova, Einstein

Cleopatra, Dorothy Hamlin, Annie Oakley, Chris Everett, Pocahontas


Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Reynolds' Raptor's News October 17, 2018

Hello Everyone,
      We started the 2nd Quarter on Monday, October 15th! It's hard to believe!! I'm loving each and every one of my students!  They are awesome!! So are you!!
      Our next Book Report will be that of a "Biography" of a famous person!  Heads-up! Your child will be either dressing up, or bringing props that depict their person. It will be due Monday, October 29. Your child should have already checked out a book from the library, or is reading one from home!  I will send more information home, a week before they are due!  
      Also, on Wednesday October 31st,  we will be carving apple faces on apples!  Your child needs to bring the largest apple you can find, for this activity.  For your information, "The Hub," in Enoch, are selling very large apples for a quarter a lb!
      We have started our Social Studies on The Five Indian Tribes of Utah!  We will be weaving belts!  Please send a skein of yarn wrapped into a ball, for your child to start their belt with. We will wear them throughout our studies!
      We were fortunate to have "Utah's Water Van" visit our 4th graders!  They brought along a Garden Snake, and a Tiger Salamander!  A great pre-learning experience on Amphibians and Reptiles!We also learned about the "Water Cycle!"We will continue our studies of the water cycle later on this year!

No Birthdays, until November 21 Happy Birthday Rylan!!!
October 22, No School! Harvest Holiday! 
October 23-26 Red Ribbon Week! Friday, Crazy Hair and Pajama Day!
October 29: Biography Book Reports Due.  Dress up like your person, or bring props that your person would have used!
November 1: We will ride a bus to "Frontier Homestead" where we will engage in activities that the Utah Pioneers and Indian Tribes of Utah did back in their day!  I need three parent volunteers!  A couple of you have already heeded the call. I will contact you about this a week before then. We will walk back to the City Park; have lunch, play for a bit, then continue on back to school.  Please make sure your child dresses for the weather!

Thursday, October 18, Chapter 3 Math Test! 
Wednesday October 24, Chapter 4.0 & 4.1 Divide By 1-Digit Numbers
Thursday, October 25 4.2 Remainders
Friday, October 26 4.3 Interpret The Remainder
Monday, October 29 4.4 Divide Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands
Tuesday, October 30 4.5 Estimate Quotients Using Compatible Numbers
Wednesday, October 31 4.6 Division and the Distributive Property
Friday, November 2 Mid-Chapter Checkpoint & 4.7 Divide using Repeated Subtraction
Math Homework:
Please note: The homework co-insides with the lesson taught that day. Your child my choose which side of the page they feel most comfortable doing.

CKLA: The Middle Ages /"If I Were A Serf " writing

Science: Amphibians/Reptiles

Social Studies:
The Five Indian Tribes of Utah

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Reynolds' Raptor's News October 3, 2018

Hello Everyone!

It was great meeting with each of you and your student for SEPs! I think your child did an awesome job, presenting their "Data Binders"to you!  
Mystery Books reports were great!!  Our next Book Report will be that of a "Bibliography" of a famous person!  Heads-up! Your child will be either dressing up, or bringing props that depict their person. It will be due Monday, October 29. Your child should have already checked out a book from the library, or is reading one from home!  I will send more information home, a week before they are due!
Also, a giant Thank You to Wendy Anderson, and Carmen Morris for coming on our field trip to Wood's Ranch & Navajo Lake! We had a blast!! As you could tell from your child's field trip folder, students learned a lot about indigenous plants and animals of Utah!
Wood's Ranch

Like Dandelions in the Wind! Navajo Lake Bogg!

Calendar: October
No October Birthdays!
Mon. Oct. 8, Tues. Columbus day Program 9, Wed.10 Substitute Teacher!  I'll be at a training in SLC!
Fri. Oct. 12  Picture Re-Takes/ Last Day Of The Quarter! Please make sure all work is turned in!
Mon. Oct.15 Water Van
Mon. Oct. 29 Bibliography Book Reports Due
Thursday, Nov. 1 Frontier Homestead Field Trip

Thursday, Oct. 4 Chp. 2 Math Test!
Friday, Oct. 5 Chapter 3.0 & 3.1 Multiply Two Digit Numbers.
Monday, Oct. 8 3.2 Estimate Products.
Tuesday, Oct. 9 3.3 Area Models and Partial Products.
Wednesday, Oct. 10 3.4 Multiply Using Partial Products.
Thursday, Oct. 11 Mid-Chapter Checkpoint & 3.5 Multiply with Regrouping.
Friday, Oct 12  3.6 Choose a Multiplication Method/ Last day of the quarter!

The Middle Ages 


Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Reynolds' Raptor's News! September 4, 2018

Hello Everyone!!
Sorry something happened and I have been unable to access my blog until now!  I hope you had a great Labor Day weekend!  I love my class!!  They are safe, kind, and responsible students!!  We have taken off!

September 4, Happy Birthday Tayli!!
September 12, Happy Birthday Alexandra!!
September 24, Happy Birthday Jeter!!

Important Dates: 
Starving Student Cards Due: Monday, September 10! 
Hearing Assessment: Wednesday, September 12!
Picture Day Friday, September 14!
Field Trip: Monday, September 17 Wood's Ranch, Navajo Lake/Frogging 

Fact, began, clasp, rapid, able, later, space,stranger, grade, display, main, explain, freight, neighbor, weigh, vein, April, ankle, field Navajo

Tuesday, September 4 Chapter 1.8 Problem Solving *Comparison Problems with Addition and Subtraction
Wednesday, September 5 Chapter 1 Review/Test
Thursday, September 6 Chapter 2 Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers & 2.1Algebra
Friday, September 7 Chapter 2.2  Algebra 

Pre Historic Life, Dinosaurs, Fossils, Landzones.

Food From The Outside
Author's Tools

Friday, August 10, 2018

Reynolds' Raptor's News August 14 ,2018

Welcome Back To School!
      It looks like we have a  great class this year!  I'm excited to get to know each and every student!
We will be working on a lot of class activities that will help us get to know each other! 4th Grade ROCKS! They are all "Of fish ally" Reynolds' Rockin' Raptors! 
     We will start out with: Welcome Back To School Booklet, Wacky Introductions,  Oil Pastel Art, Bio Poems, Life Cycles,  Utah Song, Dinosaur Poem, Interdependence Rap, Water Balloon Toss, Pangea, or Land Before Time, and Dinosaur Timelines!
     Read "Chrysanthemum", Investigate our names, graph our names, write information about our Birthdays, Experiment with an Ice Globe, Do M&M Math,  Estimate how many Dinosaur Eggs are in the jar,  Celebrate McKelle's and Lexi's Birthdays, Crack The Code, Do a People Hunt,  and All About Me This Summer!

August 10, Happy Birthday McKelle!!
August 17, Happy Birthday Lexi!!
September 3, Happy Labor Day! No School!
September 4, Happy Birthday Tayli!!
September 12, Happy Birthday Alexandra!!
September 24, Happy Birthday Jeter!!

Monday, August 20,  Chapter 1 & 1.1 Place Value
Tuesday, August 21,  1.2 Read and Write Numbers
Wednesday, August 22 1.3 Compare and Order Numbers.
Thursday, August 23 1.4 Round Numbers
Friday, August 24 Mid-Chapter Checkpoint & 1.5 Rename Numbers
Monday, August 27 1.6 Add Whole Numbers
Tuesday, August 28 1.7 Subtract Whole Numbers
Wednesday, August 29 1.8 Problem Solving * Comparison Problems with addition and Subtraction
Thursday, August 30 1 Chapter 1 Review/Test 

Math Homework: 
There will be NO Gomath Homework!  The District has asked us not to send home Gomath homework, as it frustrates parents!!  I will be sending home Times Tables Charts to be filled out by each student every night and returned to school each day! Working with Multiplication Flashcards would also be very helpful!

CKLA:  Unit 1 Personal Narratives Childhood Memories! Daily Language Activities!

Science:  Land Before Time/ Changes of The Earth/ Volcanos/ Dinosaurs!

Social Studies:  Utah! This is The Place!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Reynolds' Raptor's News May 9, 2018

Hello Everyone!!
 Thanks to our Wonderful PTA The Reading Celebration was a great success!! Pirates was the Theme!!
Kara Allred and her cute girls chose books for the students to pick from!

Danielle Demille and her cute twins played Cap'n Hook's Ring Toss!

Gabby and MaKelle looking through the cool "Spy Glasses" they made!

Brooklyn racing to put on Pirate Clothes

Students making Spy Glasses

Claire playing Alligator Golf

Caleb, Kyler, and Daxton getting their Pirate Tattoos

Lucy, Swabbing the Deck!

May 12 Happy Birthday Jade, Jared, Mrs. Reynolds!! We will celebrate Friday May 11!
Monday, May 14 Our Mountain Man Rendezvous!! 2:30 P.M.
Tuesday, May 15 Battle of The Books
Tuesday, May 15 Happy Birthday Kaydence!
Wednesday, May 16 Awards Assembly
 Thursday, May 17 4th Grade Program 2:30 P.M. Students need to dress like  Indians, Spanish Explorers, Railroaders,  Mountain Men, or Pioneers.
Monday, May 21 Happy Birthday Amylynn!!
Tuesday, May 22 Field Day

Review for SAGE TEST Starting April 4

SAGE TEST Schedule:

Thursday, May 10 Science
Friday,  May 11 Writing
If you have opted your child out of SAGE Testing, please don't send them to school, until 11:00 A.M.  on Testing Days!!  Thank You!



Social Studies:
Mountain Men/Pioneers

The Color Run  was a great success!!  Thanks again to our amazing PTA!!